Is tithing your Jericho?

In this sermon review, Chris Rosebrough points out the ‘strong arm’ tactics Phil Pringle (speaking at C3 San Diego), uses in order to motivate people to attend their next Presence Conference in Australia. You will also hear Pringle twisting the scriptures in regards to the Book of Joshua and the crossing of the Jordan River – and you will note that the biblical text will literally not say the things he is going to say.


00:08:34 Jim Bakker Terror Attack Prophecy for Winter Olympics
00:14:53 Jennifer Eivaz Luke 21:18 Hair Loss Prevention Text
00:38:54 Jules A’Bell The Apostles Brian & Bobbie Houston?
00:46:15 Peter Rollins Atheism for Lent
01:07:07 Sermon Review: The Blessing by Phil Pringle

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Fighting For The Faith, ‘Is Tithing Your Jericho?’,, Published Feb 8, 2018. (Accessed Feb 16, 2018.)


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