Michael Brown defends delusional spiritual ‘delinquents’ who befriend and baptize a sponge?

It has come to the attention of many that Michael Brown has no regard for Christ and His church and would rather share his reputation with men and women who ‘prostitute’ themselves and the word of God for selfish gain. Brown will be speaking at the upcoming ‘Light the Fire Again’ conference.

Michael Brown to Take Part in Upcoming Toronto Blessing NAR Conference

Speaking at this event is NAR Apostle Rick Joyner, NAR Apostle John Arnott, NAR Apostle Reinhardt Bonnke, NAR Apostle John Kilpatrick, … Michael Brown, NAR Apostle Heidi Baker, NAR Apostle Lou Engle, NAR Apostle Claudio Freidzon, NAR Apostle Randy Clark and maybe… just maybe… Mr Sponge.

Recently, Carol Arnott spoke at her church and introduced her congregation to Mr Sponge. Just like the Pharisees in Jesus’ day who baptized inanimate objects like couches, Carol Arnott baptized… a sponge. And rather than teaching people to imitate Paul the way he imitates Christ, she suggests people in her church imitate a sponge.

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Source: Carol Arnott, Soaking in God’s Presence – Carol Arnott (2018), YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Egci279K_dU, Published by Catch the Fire Toronto on Jan 25, 2018. (Accessed Feb 16, 2018.)


2:37- 4:45 “…You know it’s amazing, because a lot of you when you came in here, at the beginning looked like my friend. And I want to introduce you to my friend, some of you have already met my friend. But I want to introduce you to my friend, and my friend is called ‘Mr Sponge’. (Carol holds up a sponge with a sad face).

And a lot of you came in kind of looking like Mr Sponge. You were not very felx-a-ble, you were kind of crusty and hard, you were a little dried out, weren’t you? I notice now that there’s a lot more smiles, and you look much more relaxed.

And so I want us to just watch Mr Sponge over the next little while. Because we’re going to set Mr Sponge to soaking. Ahhhhhh. And I want to see what happens to Mr Sponge when he soaks in the Holy Spirit.

So, we have some H2O here, wheewww. Holy Spirit we ask you to fill it, mmmmmm. How many of you pray over your baptismal water when you baptize people? Ahhhhhh.

Lord, we just ask you to anoint this water, and Lord we just put Mr Sponge in and let him soak for a little while, okay? And see what happens to him.

Oh he’s really hard, my goodness Mr Sponge, you really need to have a drink. WOW mmmm.”

1:02:03 – 1:03:30 “So let’s check on Mr Sponge shall we? See if all this soaking time has helped him at all, okay? So, Mr Sponge how are you doing? (Pulls Mr Sponge out of the anointed water and he now has a crazy face) Oh my gracious, you are really looking happy. Oh my word, you are sloshy wet, you are soft and you look slightly drunk Mr Sponge.

Ohhhwww, wow, whoops better watch it, he is saturated with the presence of God. (Carol flicks Mr Sponge’s dripping anointed water over the audience) Ahhhh, Mr Sponge is anointed. Ahhhh do you want to become saturated by the presence of God? If He can do it for a hard old sponge, how much more can he do it for you?”

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