Is Not Satire blog writes: ‘Dr. Michael Brown promotes a false spirit – quit putting up with it!’

Dr. Michael Brown claims he’s bringing God’s divinely inspired, inerrant message to his audience. Despite this, on the ‘Line Of Fire’ program (Feb 19, 2018), his biblical illiteracy is overwhelmingly obvious! The doctrine of biblical inerrancy is extremely important because the Truth does matter. Michael Brown’s version of ‘truth’ is completely bound up in his experiences at the expense of Sola Scriptura (which should point us back to what God has revealed in His Word). Michael Brown consistently points his listeners back to his ‘experiences’ rather than the Word of God.

In this post Chris Rice from ‘Is Not Satire’ blog also addresses the same program and the now almost daily inconsistencies of Michael Brown. Chris writes:


On today’s Line of Fire episode Dr. Michael Brown talked about the need for experiences with God and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. There is one problem. Dr. Michael Brown promotes another spirit, and the church needs to quit putting up with it.

The video below clearly shows that Dr. Brown affirms and promotes encounters with a spirit other than the Holy Spirit described in scripture. The Holy Spirit of scripture leads to self-control and order. The spirit Brown promotes causes lack of self-control in many forms. 2 Corinthians 11:1-6 calls us to quit putting up with people who come to us with another spirit. Share this entry and video with others you think need to be alerted.

Source: Chris Rice, ‘Is Not Satire’ blog, Published Feb 19, 2018. (Accessed Feb 20, 2018.)

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