How can Dr. Michael Brown call it the “So-Called” NAR when…(Part 1)

From Pirate Christian, Chris Rosebrough presents Part 1 of his questions to Dr. Michael Brown regarding the ‘so-called’ NAR (New Apostolic Reformation).

Chris writes:

How Can Dr. Michael Brown Call It the “So-Called” NAR When…(Part 1)

In case you’ve missed it, Dr. Michael Brown has been spending a lot of time traversing the internet claiming that the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is akin to a conspiracy theory and those who believe it exists and are critiquing it are Christianity’s answer to flat-earth wing nuts. Yet, in 2010 he had no problem discussing the NAR, its history, its leaders and it core beliefs when asked about it on his radio program (I document that here).

Even more bizarre is the fact that the church that Dr. Michael Brown founded, still attends and preaches at, Fire-Church in Concord, North Carolina is lead by an “Apostolic Team” and one of the apostles of this church is a longtime member of the International Coalition of Apostles which was lead by C. Peter Wagner from 2001 to 2009.

Screen Capture From from February 21st, 2018

Gary and Cindy Panepinto. Gary is one of the Apostles that lead's Fire-Church (a church that Dr. Brown founded, attends and still preaches at)

Gary and Cindy Panepinto. Gary is one of the apostles that leads Fire Church (a church that Dr. Brown founded, attends and still preaches at.)

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.55.01 AM.png

Note: The screen grab of the Membership Directory for the International Coalition of Apostles in 2007 (C. Peter Wagner was the Convening Apostle for the ICA that year) includes Apostle Gary Panepinto.

Questions that I’d Like Dr. Michael Brown to answer in this matter:

1) How can you call it the so-called NAR and liken critics of the NAR to conspiracy wing nuts (which is an Ad Hominem attack) when the church you founded is run by an Apostolic Team comprised of four apostles, one of whom was a member of the ICA when C. Peter Wagner was their Convening Apostle?

2) What definition of Apostle do the four Apostles of Fire-Church fall under? Which Biblical texts outline their qualifications and duties?

3) Which Apostles (if any) are they under?

4) How can you (Dr. Brown) credibly deny involvement in the NAR when the church you founded, attend and still preach at is lead by Apostles?

Bonus Question: Back on February 7th, 2018 I tweeted a question to you that some have dismissed as not being a serious question. I’ve reproduced the tweet below.

Legit question for @DrMichaelLBrown: Is it a mortal or venial sin to deny that Michael the Archangel wears wrestling tights? 

Michael the Archangel is Always in a Bad Mood and Wears Wrestling Tights, Says Bob Jones to Kris…

In this special service to remember the Prophet, Bob Jones, Kris Vallotton explains how he was visited by a gigantic Native-American looking man who appeared to him after having repeated nightmares….

Since the use of the terms “mortal and venial sins” are terms used by Roman Catholics, not Charismatics, I can understand how that would cause my question to be dismissed out of hand. Therefore, I’m going to rephrase my question. Here it is:

Would I be blaspheming the Holy Spirit (which is the Charismatic equivalent to a mortal sin) or merely blaspheming (venial sin) if I deny that Michael the Archangel wears wrestling tights? The revelation that Michael wears wrestling tights comes from the late Bob Jones and that revelation was given by Kris Vallotton, a man who is on the leadership team at Bethel.

Source: Chris Rosebrough, How Can Dr. Michael Brown Call It the “So-Called” NAR When…(Part 1), Captain’s Log, Pirate Christian blog, Published Feb 23, 2018. (Accessed Feb 24, 2018.)

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