Dr. James White finally questions Bill Johnson’s theology!

ChurchWatch Central had been monitoring this conversation between James White and Michael Brown on twitter yesterday and were happy to see other watchful ministries noting the dialogue as well. Len Pettis from The Bible Thumping Wingnut Network wrote an article about the discussion here.

Len writes:

Dr. James White Finally Questions Bill Johnson’s Theology!

It’s been two months since James White had Dr. Michael Brown on his podcast for a discussion on the orthodoxy of Michael Brown and his questionable associations with many hyper charismatics. In that podcast Michael Brown  endorsed several notable false prophets and heretics, one of which was Bill Johnson of Bethel church Redding.  In the Podcasts Dr. White stated that he was ignorant of who Bill Johnson is and what he teaches. Since that time many notable theologians and ministries have warned Dr. White about Michael Brown’s spurious association and live endorsement of Bill Johnson as a “solid Christian Brother.”

Yesterday what started as an innocent tweet by Chris Arnzen of Iron sharpens Iron radio turned into an interesting conversation between James White, Michael  Brown, and a random Twitter follower.   You can see the screenshots below, Arnzen  essentially tweeted  thanking Dr. James White for coming on his podcast to discuss his friendship with Michael Brown and other things… [Click to read more]

Source: Len Pettis, Dr. James White Finally Questions Bill Johnson’s Theology!, Bible Thumping Wingnut Network, http://biblethumpingwingnut.com/2018/03/06/dr-white-seen-light/, Published March 6, 2018. (Accessed March 7, 2018.)

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