‘Little God’ Todd White prays for rocks to win skipping stone competition?

In the New Apostolic Reformation there are three people recognized as ‘gods in human flesh’ – Todd Bentley, Todd White and Matt Sorger….and they take their supernatural ministries very seriously.

Nevertheless, sometimes they like to let their hair down, no pun intended.

In a recent video, White is seen praying over his carefully selected stones to win a skipping stone competition. However, one could ask why as a ‘god’, does he need to do this? Why not speak it or just prove he is a ‘god’ by casting the first stone across the waters and winning without wavering in faith or action?

When young David faced Goliath, he didn’t pray over his stones to defeat Goliath. So why is Todd White praying over his stones in hopes to win a silly stone skipping competition? Where’s his faith or sovereign power over the elements?

What was Todd White hoping to achieve with this video?  Frankly, this silly buffoonery serves only to make a mockery of God and the Christian faith.



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