Unite Around Apostleships: Kris Vallotton’s direct revelation from God – minimize doctrine maximize people and manifestations.

Chris Rice, author of ‘Is Not Satire’ blog, updates us on Kris Valloton’s latest “direct revelation”. Vallotton claims: “I had an encounter when I first moved to Redding and God said, “We’re moving from denominationalism to apostleships, ask me what that means…” He went on to explain that in denominationalism people gather when they agree, and divide when they disagree. But in apostleships people gather around fathers and family. In my encounter, the Lord said He is going to pour out revelation on this generation that has been held in the vault of heaven for eons of ages. However, if He pours it out on denominationalism then it would rip the wine skin.” 



Chris Rice writes:

Kris Vallotton said God told him the church is going to rally around apostleships.  Vallotton’s apostleship revelation attempts to achieve unity by minimizing the importance of rallying around truth, and recognizing areas of disagreement, that might actually call for biblical division. Instead his apostleship revelation says to put the emphasis on uniting around people (Fathers, mothers, sons, and family.).

Another concerning thing in Vallotton’s supposed revelation from God is that God is supposedly going to give revelation that’s been hidden for eons and ages. What’s the implication? Well if it’s hidden, then that means it’s not revealed in scripture. If it’s not revealed in scripture, then he’s calling the universal church to trust in extra-biblical revelation. Read more here:


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