An open letter to Holly Pivec and Professor Doug Geivett regarding Michael Brown.

Reverend Anthony Wade is a Credentialed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Assemblies of God. In this open letter, Rev. Wade speaks out publically in support of Holly Pivec and Professor Doug Geivett about their interaction with Dr. Michael Brown.


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Rev. Wade writes:

I recently listened to the debate held between the yourselves and Dr. Michael Brown regarding the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Having debated Dr. Brown on his radio show twice before I share in your frustration that was palpable throughout the dialogue. It was especially sharp to call him on his decrying of anecdotal evidence when all he offers to defend his favorite wolves is the anecdotal “I know him” defense. But Brown is very good too at debate tactics and erecting strawman after strawman to avoid any substantive discussions. The truth of the matter is a like Dr. Brown. He is cordial, learned, and is usually spot on theologically — unless you bring up someone’s name. Right after he wrote what might be the best expose on greasy grace I asked him about Joseph Prince and he refused to call him a false teacher. He said he was a good brother who had some holes in his theology. Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith once cornered him on his show about supporting Jennifer Leclaire and her “sneaky squid spirit” and he actually defended it! Do I think that Dr. Brown is actively NAR? I don’t think it matters much because since he refuses to denounce by name those that teach and believe falsely, he is essentially a gatekeeper for them. The link above is to an open letter he wrote to you this week and I just wanted to comment and offer some encouragement. Read more here:

Source: 828 Ministries,, Published May 17, 2018. (Accessed May 18, 2018.)

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