Ben Fitzgerald thinks true New Testament evangelism looks like summoning, fortune-telling and witchcraft?

The unrepentant ‘grave-sucking’ Bethel Pastor, Ben Fitzgerald, is an admin for a FaceBook group called ‘Australia for Jesus’. In the ‘about’ section, you can read about the group’s agenda (emphasis added):

“This is a group for all those living in Australia and indeed around the world whose desire is to see Jesus take His rightful place in the hearts of man. It is our hope that this group will foster, equip and encourage revivalists to take evangelism into all places & cultures, including those that are dark and alternative as we get ready for the mighty Awakening Australia to be held here in Melbourne in November 2018.

What we are not: This is not a group to do with religion or religious philosophies, so posts pushing one point will not be aired. Rather it is our hope that in people sharing current different testimonies, events and radical acts of love that true New Testament evangelism will increase.”

Source: Australia For Jesus, FaceBook,, Accessed June 05, 2018.


According to this practicing ‘necromancer’, Ben Fitzgerald has no problem aligning himself with his deceptive occultist mother Jen Hodge, by suggesting ‘true New Testament evangelism‘ can be practiced through:

  1. Sacred Angel Songs (quiet meditation for experiencing the sacred).
  2. Free Destiny Readings.
  3. The ancient warrior spirit (the story of life told with American Indian flute
    with free henna.
  4. Healing rain dancing (spirit dance therapy)
  5. Destiny Readings.
  6. Drumming up the highest spirit.
  7. Resting in the presence.


If you think that sounds demonic, you’d be right. While the Holy Spirit, working through the Apostles, clearly preached the gospel of Jesus Christ around the ancient world, Ben Fiztgerald and his parents think that practicing the methods of demon-possessed fortune-tellers, witches and warlocks is a better way? Why does Ben Fitzgerald now attribute true New Testament evangelism to the very practices that the apostles either cursed, condemned or set free those held captive by the demonic?

To this day, Bethel Church endorses and defends the ministries of Ben Fizgerald and the controversial occultic ministry of Jennifer Hodge’s Christalignment. Despite Jennifer Hodge misleading Bethel and believers around the world about the nature of her demonic practices, Bethel still stands in agreement with her ministry.

Jen Hodge Destiny Cards are Tarot Cards

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