NARpostle Joseph Prince’s kenotic Christ and demonic sonship spirit.

Scripture reveals that even the demons cried out in terror, recognizing that in the person of Jesus Christ he was both fully God and fully man.

And behold, they cried out, “What have you to do with us, O Son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the time?” Matthew 8:29.

But when it comes to the demonic spirits operating on those in the NAR, their ‘sonship’ spirit doctrine teaches that Jesus became merely a man operating from the ‘sonship’ spirit – thus we too can perform miracles and have dominion and power in our lives.


Below, Prince elevates man as ‘sons of god’ and downplays Jesus’ role in the Godhead to that of a mere man.

“And if you have been tempted to ask, “God, I am Your child. Why is this happening to me?” know that Jesus knows exactly how you feel because 2,000 years ago, the devil played the same trick on Him—“If you are the Son of God…” (Matthew 4:3) You see, the devil’s intention was to make Jesus doubt His Sonship, and the devil wants to do the same thing to you today.

This is blatantly false, Jesus is not just a man like us tempted by Satan. However Prince professes that Jesus is ‘a son of God just like us’, and like him we can rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to make us healthy, wealthy and ‘influential’. We have the scriptures to prove this teaching is false and Prince can only pervert the scriptures and use ‘personal testimony’ to make his case. In other words, he has no authority to make such a baseless claim. Just like other NARpostles, the ‘new’ revelation he received from God is treated as infallible not because of scriptural justification but because of one ‘personal testimony’. And this is how you know you are dealing with unbiblical teachers in the church – they replace the word of God with pragmatic unverifiable personal testimonies to bolster their infallible teachings.

Below are a collection of quotes from Joseph Prince espousing these ‘kenosis’ and ‘sonship’ heresies in his sermons and articles. We believe that these articles and quotes speak for themselves (emphasis ours in blue).

Joseph Prince writes,

The Spirit Of Sonship

… God isn’t just the Creator of the universe. He isn’t just omniscient and almighty. He is also your loving heavenly Father! You can intimately call Him ‘Daddy’ and expect unstinting favor in every situation. Let Joseph Prince show you how the Spirit of sonship is key to walking in the fullness of your inheritance in Christ. Experience afresh your Father’s love for you, and see His abounding blessings explode in your life!

This CD Album contains 2 Sermons with 3 Discs (approx. total duration 2hr 25min)

1. Abba—The Name By Which You Are Protected (2 discs-approx. 1hr 21min)
2. Why Some Christians Are Not Enjoying Their Inheritance In Christ (1 disc-approx. 1hr 4min)

Source: Joseph Prince, The Spirit of Sonship, JosephPrince.Com,, Published January 03, 20016. (Accessed June 10, 2018).

Joseph Prince also teaches ‘As Christ is, so are we’. Notice how we can ‘manifest’ our dominion and health in this world. (See transcript below.)


“As he is, so are we in the world.

[Points to the large screen, which has the biblical text 1 John 4:17, “Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgement; because as He is, so are we in this world.”]

And so I, I…I used to take this and, you know, I would say, I would preach this as he is righteous, so we are righteous in this world. As he is under God’s unclouded favour, so are we in this world. As he is far beyond Satan, he’s out of reach from Satan, so are we in this world! He can be prowling around, and even though a thousand fall at our side, ten thousand at our right hand, he will not come near us. That must be our attitude. As he is, so are we in this world. Can I’ve a good amen? And then the Lord whispered to me one day many years ago, and says “Son, push it…who says it’s just your position with me? It does not qualify the statement (points to the highlighted part of the verse on the screen). As he is in your health, so are you, in this world.” Because the Lord says “You are sharing in his life. Life is where health comes…health is actually life. Take away the life, there’s no health. Your body is just an empty corpse.”

So I began to preach that. And one lady, a famous lady, this lady is such a blessing, her testimony has gone around the world (laughs). Ah, it takes just one (laughs) and unbeknownst to me that week she would go for a mammogram and the doctors were concerned with what they found. They found a growth in her breast, and then she took her report, because she’d just heard a message. I’d been preaching “”Just as Jesus is in his health, (pauses, laughs), so are we in this world.” Even if you have symptoms in your body, start confessing that. Amen? Tell the Lord, do you have this disease in your body? I said that (laughs), in that sermon and she said, she wrote on her report “Jesus, do you have lumps in your breast?” She showed me the report, she came back and showed me the report. The next scan she went to, they found nothing. And the Lord said to me, recently “Son, I want to emphasise this in the area of healing. More of my people need to hear this. I said more of my people need to hear this.” 1 John 4:17 in light of our healing. Can I’ve a good amen? So, that, that, that…that was a commission that came from him recently but already the testimony has been coming down through the years, ever since I’ve been preaching this, and, and I’ve been emphasising on healing as well, but ah, ah…not as strong as I think I should. But from now on, thisis what you’re going to get. We’ll hear so many more testimonies. Amen? One lady wrote to us, and she said this “(picks up piece of paper from pulpit). I got so many testimonies (unintelligible comment, maybe “don’t know which one it is…”, laughs). Alright, she’s from New York, US…”I had severe pain in my right leg…” How many of you have pain in your right leg?…”especially when using the stairs or getting up. The doctors diagnosed me with arthritis and send me for therapy. My insurance company only covered 18 treatments, and by the 14th treatment there was still no improvement. During that period, my left knee also started to hurt and I stopped therapy.

Pastor Prince, I was watching your sermon where you mention a lady who was healed of a lump in her breast. I thought, if she could experience God’s healing, so could I. At that time, I didn’t know scriptures like 1 John 4:17, I just said ‘Jesus, you don’t have any pain in your knees, therefore I do not have any pain in my knee too.’ I cannot tell when the pain left, but when, when it did I cried for the first time in years. I had stopped kneeling because of the pain, but I can now kneel without pain. I can also sit and get up from the bathroom seat without having to wait for five to ten minutes for the pain to pass. I cannot thank God enough. It’s a pleasure to go up and down the stairs, sit in regular chairs, bend down to pick things up for myself, and use regular bathrooms. Before that, even bathrooms for the handicapped were a pr-problem for me. At the Seniors Centre, it is a pleasure to pick things up for people whenever I get the chance to, instead of waiting for someone to do it for me. I try to give my testimony to anyone I hear complaining of knee pain, who will listen.”

To God be the glory. Isn’t that amazing?”

Source: Joseph Prince, Joseph Prince – As Jesus Is, So Are You – 13 Nov 16, YouTube,, Published on Nov 16, 2016. (Accessed June 12, 2018.)

Joseph Prince writes,

You Are A Son And An Heir Of God

Galatians 4:6–7

And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!” Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.

Perhaps these questions have been popping into your head lately: “If You are a Christian, why are you sick? If your heavenly Father is so wonderful, why do you have so many problems? Doesn’t your God help you, His child?”

And if you have been tempted to ask, “God, I am Your child. Why is this happening to me?” know that Jesus knows exactly how you feel because 2,000 years ago, the devil played the same trick on Him—“If you are the Son of God…” (Matthew 4:3) You see, the devil’s intention was to make Jesus doubt His Sonship, and the devil wants to do the same thing to you today.

He wants to destroy the Spirit of sonship in you and in the body of believers. He knows that once you really believe that you are a son of God, something happens—you begin to live life as “an heir of God through Christ”.

As a son and an heir of God, you inherit all the blessings of God which Jesus died to give you, including salvation, healing, provision, wholeness, favor, intimacy with God and answered prayers. And Jesus rose from the dead to make sure that what He died to give you, you get. He is alive today to enforce this rich, blood-bought inheritance in your life!
My friend, you are an heir of God through Christ. This means that you are joint heirs with Jesus. (Romans 8:17) So His inheritance is your inheritance too!

What is provision when you are an heir of God? He owns every beast in the forest and the cattle on a thousand hills. (Psalm 50:10) All the diamonds and gold came from Him. What is healing when you are an heir of God? He is your Creator and the very breath of your life.

Beloved, enjoy every bit of your inheritance in Christ, not because you deserve it, but because it was paid for by Jesus’ blood!

Source: Joseph Prince, You Are A Son And An Heir Of God, JosephPrince.Org,, Published , (Accessed June 09, 2018.)

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