“Python Spirit collapsed my building” says NARpostle Jennifer LeClaire.

Once again Jennifer “Sneaky Squid Spirit” LeClaire exposes the flakiness of the New Apostolic Reformation NARpostles – and as our fellow polemicists over at ‘Heterodox Research Initiative’ and the ‘Museum of Idolatry’ like to remind our readers:

Remember, Dr. Michael Brown approves, promotes and recommends Jennifer LeClaire, so you just know she’s gotta be a true Prophet and Apostle!”

Dr. Michael Brown, can you bring our readers up to speed with some of your finest in-depth biblical exegesis to her latest claims? After all, she appears to have your ‘vote of approval’ on all things spiritual.


Heterodox Research Initiative writes:

Apostle Jennifer LeClaire said in a recent Facebook post that the Python Spirit caused a partial collapse of her building.


Notice LeClaire says she prophesied momentum. At least she’s honest about being a false prophet.

Here’s a video she posted of the collapse to Facebook.

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Source: Museum of Idolatry, http://www.piratechristian.com/museum-of-idolatry/2018/8/jennifer-leclaire-python-spirit-collapsed-my-building Published Aug 16, 2018. (Accessed Aug 17, 2018.)

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