Jennifer LeClaire – fearless vampire killer?

Some of us may remember the 1967 satirical horror drama film “The Fearless Vampire Killers,” or “Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck.” Fast forward to 2018 and it seems the vampiric theme has been reprised by the ever so popular NAR drama scream queen Jennifer LeClaire (of ‘Sneaky Squid Spirit’ fame). Back in March, 2018 Jennifer drew our attention to the fact that there are “bloodsucking Christian vampires on the loose.”

Exposing Bloodsucking Christian Chameleon Vampires

Note: This is not a satirical image made to mock LeClaire. This is how LeClair chose to promote her new divinely inspired revelations in her below article.

Jennifer LeClaire writes:

Someone recently prophesied to me that “God is shaking loose all the bloodsuckers trying to hang on for a free ride.” That resonated with my spirit so I started looking up definitions—and looking for the bloodsuckers.

What is a bloodsucker? Simply stated, a bloodsucker is an animal that sucks blood, a leech, a mosquito, or a tick. 

Collins English Dictionary defines bloodsucker is “any creature that sucks blood from a wound that it has made in an animal or person.” Synonyms for bloodsucker include predators, sharks, vultures, wolves and vampires.

So, what’s a vampire? According to Merriam-Webster, it’s “the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep; one who lives by preying on others.”

Saints, wake up. It’s time to cut off the bloodsuckers in your life. In this video, I explain how.

Source: Jennifer LeClaire, Exposing Bloodsucking Christian Chameleon Vampires, Jennifer LeClaire Ministries,, Published March 26, 2018. (Accessed Sept 18, 2018.) [Archived]
We are eternally grateful for this timely warning from Jennifer LeClaire and advise our readers to visit their nearest supermarket and stock up on some garlic.

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