What does the bible actually say about ordination of women?

Many of our readers (and most of our contributors here at ChurchWatch) have had to address the issue of women’s ordination in the body of Christ. Within the charismatic movement you will note that they have many women usurping the pastoral role and as a result, expose their followers to much false teaching.

This is not just a problem within the charismatic churches – these very important God-ordained biblical roles have been compromised in other denominations. One such denomination is the Australian Lutheran Church. On a recent episode of ‘Issues Etc’, Stephen van der Hoek, pastor of Maryborough Childers Lutheran Church in Queensland brings an update on the results of voting for women’s ordination at their recent Synod meeting.

You can read van der Hoek’s paper on the ordination of women here.


2783. The Lutheran Church of Australia’s Vote to Forbid the Ordination of Women – Pr. Stephen van der Hoek, 10/5/18

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