Charles Finney and American evangelicalism.

An interesting presentation on Charles Finney from Ps Jeremy Rhode of Faith Lutheran Church in Capistrano Beach, California.

Finney, often called ‘the father of modern revivalism’, believed the sinner is responsible for his own regeneration. ‘The sinner actually changes, and is therefore himself, in the most proper sense, the author of the change’ (‘Sinners Bound to Change’, 21–22). What we clearly learn from Finney’s theological worldview is that ‘God is not sovereign, man is not a sinner by nature and the atonement is not a true payment for sin’,

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Ps. Rhode writes:

“Have you ever wondered why American Evangelicalism is the way it is? Why the loud music? Why the emotionalism? Why the fads and stunts? Why the emphasis on you: your decision for Jesus, your testimony, your transformed life? This video will help you see that the church growth movement, the mega church phenomenon, the entertainment-driven worship service, and just about everything else characteristic of American Evangelicalism has its source in a 19th-century theologian who believed that Jesus‘ death on the cross did not atone for your sins. His name is Charles Finney.”

Listen to the audio presentation here:

Ps. Rhode also recommended this further lecture:

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