An open letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

We here at CWC have shared Kerri Ferguson’s story about the pastoral mishandling of a very traumatic sexual abuse scandal and its victim, her son. This latest article from ‘Outback Berean’ brings us up to date with Kerri’s open letter to our Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Kerri writes:

The nation sat and listened to you, Prime Minister, this week as you stood and said “sorry”to the victims of child abuse following the findings of the recent Royal Commission.

Your words must have been a comfort to many Mr. Morrison but how seriously could the nation take your address in the Parliament? Just how sincere are you about putting your heartfelt apology into action in your own life Mr. Morrison? Your comprehensive oration included those who had “covered up” child abuse. I find those words very confusing Mr. Morrison.

One of the people who gave evidence to the Royal Commission was one Brian Houston of the Hillsong church. Under questioning he revealed a sordid tale of becoming aware of his own father’s many disgusting and vile sexual acts against young boys. Frank Houston, the founder of the organisation which Brian Houston inherited admitted to his own part in this cover up of his father’s crimes against children and even reiterated events which revealed his own treatment of victims when they sought recognition of their hurt. Do you think Mr. Morrison that speaking to victims in such a cruel and dismissive way as admitted on the stand by Brian Houston in his own words is something that is acceptable in any civilised society? Were Brian Houston’s actions and those of the leaders of Hillsong who were involved in this cover up of Frank Houston’s disgusting crimes and the moving of Houston Sr. to another congregation, allowing him further access to innocent people, with full knowledge of his sickening deeds, deeds which he had by then admitted to, on your mind when you apologised to the nation yesterday, Mr. Morrison?

When I approached Brian Houston for assistance because the rape of my own child had been covered up by a leader in a Christian church, he told me he didn’t believe me and turned his back and walked away leaving me sobbing in the crowded foyer of his church. This too, has all been given in evidence to the Royal Commission.

Now, the reason I question the sincerity of your words in your address of apology to the nation Mr. Morrison is that you have publicly claimed that Brian Houston is your “mentor”. I am sickened at the thought that you, the Prime Minister of our country, would call any man who has this attitude to child abuse and who has behaved in this way, a “mentor”. Is it that you consider an individual who calls a woman a liar when she comes to him for assistance over the rape for her child, turns his back on her and walks away, the kind of man you consider your “mentor”? Do you consider telling a victim of Frank Houston’s sexual abuse is the fault of the victim, is acceptable behaviour by someone you regard as your mentor? Do you consider a man who has sworn on the Bible to be truthful and then found to give testimony which is not truthful to be someone you consider a mentor? Do you consider someone who has been criticised by the Royal Commission’s own report for his actions in such serious matters as a suitable “mentor”, Prime Minister?

Notwithstanding any other misdeeds, Brian Houston has publicly stated that he doesn’t believe the Hillsong church owes the victims of his father anything in the way of compensation. Such empathy Mr. Morrison. Is it your view, as it is that of your mentor’s, that an organisation which enjoys all the benefits of calling itself a “church” should ignore the cry of help from those in the community who are so badly damaged and hurt, some carrying serious scars from disgusting acts committed by its own leader?

Are you prepared Prime Minister, to now, in the light of your words in the Parliament, to publicly disassociate yourself from Brian Houston? Or were your words this week just for “show” and just part of a political game?

Your Christian ethics and adherence to your faith should override any misguided loyalty you feel towards this man given his disgusting behaviour in the past. I take it that your apology didn’t include me and the others whom your “mentor” has treated so abominably.

I remain disgusted
Kerri Ferguson

Source: Kerri Ferguson, ‘Outback Berean’ blog, Published Oct 23, 2018. (Accessed Oct 24, 2018.)

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