Why it’s time to #StandWithBrett and not Hillsong.

It’s time people read Brett Sengstock’s story, to stand with people like him and stand against ‘#pedofenders’ in pulpits who promise people like Sengstock ‘healing’ but squash their desire for justice. The revelations that emerged against Frank Houston, Brian Houston and Hillsong leadership at the Royal Commission are reprehensible..

It’s time we stand with those who are bravely making their names and faces public and join them in speaking out against these criminal  cover-ups.

Here is Sengstock’s story. #StandWithBrett #StandWithVictims

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Brett’s Story

You have seen Brett’s story on 60 minutes.

Brett was known at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse Case Study 18 by the pseudonym “AHA”.

He stood alone, and for the first time he told his story about the abuse and the institutions that concealed these crimes.

As a little boy, Brett was repeatedly and brutally sexually abused by Pastor Frank Houston over a period of 5 years. Contrary to what the institutions involved publically claimed, this was not a “one off” incident but the abuse occurred numerous times from the age of 7 to the age of 12.

Frank Houston went on to become one of Australia’s most successful Assemblies of God Pastors and planted many other churches including what is known today as the Hillsong Church empire operated by his son, Brian Houston.

Meanwhile Brett has lived a life of suffering, torment and betrayal.

The evidence presented at the Royal Commission revealed that Frank Houston was a serial child rapist with multiple victims. The facts presented by Brett about the abuse Frank Houston subjected him to were not challenged but when he sought the financial compensation that he was rightfully and morally due, the Australian Christian Churches,formally known as the Assemblies of God in Australia of which Brian Houston was formally the National President, vigorously defended their institutions, engaging top tier law firms to crush a victim who had already suffered so much.

To make matters worse, this further injustice was perpetrated against him while he has been suffering stage 4 peripheral T cell non Hodgkin’s lymphoma .

Brett is suffering from the effects of ongoing chemotherapy treatment and struggling financially, just a fraction of the small fortune spent on lawyers by the institutions involved defending themselves against Brett’s claim would have made a significant difference during his medical crisis.

The institution could have helped but they chose to crush, threaten and bully a victim during another vulnerable time in his life.

Brett has been betrayed by so many. He and his wife, Lisa, need your support, will you be part of the answer? Will you stand with Brett?

Source: Brett Sengsock, Brett’s Story, http://brettsengstock.com/, Accessed November 19, 2018.

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