Word of Faith cults and man as ‘god’.

We often see many examples where the New Apostolic Reformation, Health and Wealth and Word of Faith cults are open with their doctrine that believers are ‘little gods’. However, as much they claim they are not like the Mormon cult, as much as they claim they don’t think they are literally ‘gods’, the logical narrative in their teaching assumes one is a ‘god’ so they can speak as God to create things into existence.

A recent very good example of this comes from a man known as Donny MacGregor, the Founder and International Coordinator of Generation Fire. His assumption is – ‘As God is, so are we’. All these false teachers do a bait and switch. Yes – God is in us through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but nothing in this flesh is actually God.

Not so with McGregor.

Although McGregor says his ‘god’ speaks the world into existence and his ‘god’ does so through us through ‘his word’, he can’t help but make man appear ‘divine’. The proof is in his words. The NAR and WOF always downplay Christ’s divinity, reducing Him to a man filled with a ‘divine spirit’. As a result, man is no different to Jesus. Christians believe Jesus spoke things as both fully God and fully man (hypostatic union) and the creation responded. Not so with McGregor, the bait and switch happens here as McGregor says:

“… and you just take it in and walk and live as Jesus did. Speak as he spoke. Pray as he prayed.

When God speaks – things happen. But according to McGregor, as Jesus speaks – we can do exactly the same thing. That means either we are ‘gods’ or Jesus is just a man encouraging us on to do the same things he can do. But if we are not God and if Jesus is just a man filled with the Holy Spirit, how does McGregor think we can apply Genesis 1:1 to ourselves?

Genesis 1:1 can only be applied if false teachers like McGregor believe the narrative that we are ‘little gods’ and have the power to speak things as ‘gods’ to create things from nothing.

As McGregor confessed, man “speaks, sings and worships” (giving lip service to ‘His word’) which “creates, which changes, transforms everything around us.”

So if anyone claims believers can speak things into existence, their assumption is that the believer is ‘a little god’. Look at the verses they use to justify this doctrine. They use scripture such as Genesis 1:1 or examples of Jesus speaking to death, sickness, storms, calamities or demons to teach that we, as ‘gods’, can do likewise.

As scriptures say, if the Word of God has come to us, we confess Jesus Christ is Lord (YHWH). God.

“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.” Romans 10:9-10

McGregor has also made it clear that the ‘spirit’ he believes in is not the Holy Spirit nor is his faith, saving faith. If he is a Christian, the Word, the Spirit and his saving faith would confess Christ is God, the second person of the Trinity – not reduce Him to a man empowered in such a way that we too can demonstrate that ‘power’ with the right ‘words’.

What he has received is a different ‘word’. And that is exactly what makes this ‘little gods’ doctrine so satanic. It was this different ‘word’ that Satan brought to Adam and Eve, teaching they could be like God. It is assumed that this subjective word is a word that ‘God wants us to bring and speak to whom he sends us.’

Christ is the Word that went forth from God that did not return void. The Word of God was made flesh and dwelt among us. The Word was crucified so that we may be forgiven of our sins, and the Word who sits at the right hand of God. Not Donny McGregor. Not the sinner saved by grace.

If people want to believe they too are now ‘little gods’ then they are no different to the famous false prophets of cult status such as William Branham and Jim Jones. They too believed in the false Word of Faith doctrine, with Branham claiming to be ‘The Message’ and Jones claiming believers are ‘gods’ and he himself, ‘God almighty’  – and we all know what happened to Jim Jones.

Donny McGregor preaching Word of Faith heresy:

“What the word ‘Dabar’ means […] God gave us a revelation on this word […] which is the same word referring to Genesis 1:1, ‘In the beginning when God spoke there was light’. So, what it is, is the Word of God coming into us, which is a ‘living and active word’. It’s NOT the word written with ink.

[…] It’s the spoken word of God. It’s a spoken word of God that is living and active in us. And we as His vessels get to become carriers of this ‘living and active’ word of God, which we use through our worship and prayer… where the ‘Dabar’ word of God is being proclaimed and declared.

What we are doing here friends is that we are SPEAKING living, singing, worshiping through His word, which CREATES, WHICH CHANGES, TRANSFORMS EVERYTHING AROUND US. And friends, that is the word that WE carry. And THAT IS THE WORD that God wants us to bring and speak to whom he sends us.

And if you read Isaiah 55:11, it will give you a full explanation about what is ‘Dabar’, and the fact that the word of God that is written in your hearts and on your mouth, WHEN YOU SPEAK, IT SHALL NOT COME BACK VOID… You have to have a ‘Selah’ moment right now, you have to breathe it in […] and you just take it in and walk and live as Jesus did. SPEAK AS HE SPOKE. PRAY AS HE PRAYED.

Whatever you speak to that thing, whatever mountain you are facing… SPEAK AND IT SHALL BE DONE […] You’re not speaking your words, you’re speaking His words, the Word of God. […] THROUGH THE PROPHETIC, we’re receiving that ‘Dabar’ word of God… It flows from the prophetic, into the worship, to the prayer movement, to the apostolic….”

Source: Donny McGregor, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/generationfire/permalink/2040714519301363/, Published December 05, 2018. (Accessed December 08 2018.) [6:30]

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