Follow-up on my Open Letter to Scott Morrison P.M.

CWC has previously shared Kerri Ferguson’s story about the pastoral mishandling of a very traumatic sexual abuse scandal and its victim, her son. This latest article from ‘Outback Berean’ brings us up to date with Kerri’s second open letter to our Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Kerri writes:

On October of 2018, Mr. Morrison I wrote you an Open Letter asking why you have failed to address your previous claims that Brian  Houston, Leader of Hillsong Church who protected his pedophile father, is your “Mentor”.

This as you know by now, is the same Brian Houston who failed to assist me when I went to him for help after discovering that Pastors in the Christian Church who were mates of his, had protected my own pedophile husband and yet refused to co-operate with the police in their investigations.

This Brian Houston is the individual whom you claim to be your “mentor”.  Even with all the information that is now readily available as a result of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, including Houston’s own admissions under sworn testimony and my call to you to publicly disassociate yourself from Houston now that his deeds have been exposed, there has been nothing but a “holy silence” from your office Prime Minister.

Why!  Are you afraid that if you speak up you will risk losing the votes of those in the great Hillsong machine and other Christian churches who are a part of this evil conspiracy of silence?

Well Prime Minister, you have been exalted to the greatest office of this land and with that office comes responsibility and sometimes that responsibility comes at great personal cost.  But you are the Prime Minister for all Australians Prime Minister, even the women and the children!  Of course, the children don’t have a vote so they cannot object to your aligning yourself with this man and naming him as your “mentor”.

Recently you have been asked about bullying and we have a plethora of comments and allegations from some in your own party about bullying within your Party’s own ranks.

When leaks began to make their way out and into the public arena you apparently were quoted as saying “No, I’m not fussed by it at all. I’m not distracted by it”.

Well that appears evidence as to why you consider someone like Brian Houston to be a suitable mentor Prime Minister.  That is how he too, treats matters of such serious concern as these but which go against all that the Bible teaches.  Neither does Houston concern himself with that which any reasonable person would find concerning and distressing.  Dare I suggest that your mentor has taught you well?

Whilst visiting Queensland in late 2018 you were asked about concerns of bullying in your own party and if they were being addressed.  And then, according to reporters, you pivoted away from the one who asked you the question and relieved yourself of having to comment or answer any further questions on the subject.

Prime Minister you have learned well from your “mentor”.  That is exactly how he treated me when I went to him for help about the rape of a child and the covering up of the crime by his mates.  It seems to be the standard response to the difficult questions which arise about bullying, and abuse against women and children in this country by many people in positions of authority.  Turn and walk away!

Well, Sir, this country is looking for a leader and not a sycophantic follower and mate of leaders of the Christian Church who have brought Christianity into such shame by their actions.  When will you do what the Bible exhorts Christians to do and call those who behaved in such a way out for their actions?

“Do not be deceived.  Bad company ruins good morals”.  1 Corinthians 15: 33.  We are told to reject every kind of evil and certainly not to align ourselves with those who defend such evil as certain leaders of the Christian church have done on the issues of abuse and bullying of children and women.

When will you Prime Minister, state publicly that you no longer consider Brian Houston to be your mentor and admit that you may have exhibited poor judgement in light of what has now been revealed and admitted to by Houston himself.

Are you afraid Sir, that such an admission might cause you to lose votes from the many thousands who attend the Hillsong mega church?  Is your fear of losing votes greater than your commitment to do what you are supposed to do as a professing Christian?  You may be surprised.  Perhaps, in fact, you might find that the Australian people, as a whole, might admire your integrity and commitment to your office of leadership of this country.

When you are you going to stand up and speak out against bullying, and the abuse of women and children instead of hiding behind your advisers and passing the buck to someone else in that great edifice in Canberra.

I still await the day when you might actually have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing or, alternately, the people of this country elect a leader who has the attributes worthy of that great office.…. one who does not speak out of both sides of his mouth Prime Minister.

Or does Brian Houston remain your mentor to this day, leading you through as you approach the coming election?

Kerri Ferguson.

Source: Kerri Ferguson, Outback Berean blog,, Published Jan 28, 2019. (Accessed Jan 29, 2019.)

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