My third open letter to the Prime Minister.

CWC has previously shared Kerri Ferguson’s story about the pastoral mishandling of a very traumatic sexual abuse scandal and its victim, her son. This latest article from ‘Outback Berean’ brings us up to date with Kerri’s third open letter to our Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Kerrie writes:

Dear Mr. Morrison,

Did you REALLY claim that the conviction of Cardinal Pell is affirmation that no Australian is above the law?

Mr. Morrison, with all due respect that is a very cavalier claim under the present circumstances.

Did you intend to convey that this conviction affirms the fact that no Roman Catholic is above the law? Surely that must have been your intention because there are none of us so stupid that we don’t realise that there are those in Charismatic and Pentecostal church circles who most definitely appear to be above the law!

May I remind you Mr. Morrison of Pastors Gary Dench and Ian Treacy of Christian City Church (now known as C3) to whom my son reported a matter of child rape and molestation and who covered up the crime for a period of years telling the lad to go home and “obey his father” and accusing the lad of being partly to blame for the sexual abuse. May I remind you that the Pastors refused to co-operate with the police and answer any questions involving the Police investigation! However, when it came time for the matter to go to trial at least one of these Pastors appeared …….. not on behalf of the victim but on behalf of the rapist! Here is a reminder:

So, Dench admitted in court under oath that he had committed a crime (Misprision of a Felony) and that he knew it was morally wrong and illegal. Dench failed to answer key questions in court stating arrogantly as he pointed his finger to the ceiling of the courtroom that he “served a higher authority”.
No one needs my evidence, or the evidence of any witness, Prime Minister. This man boasted IN a court of law, UNDER OATH that he had concealed a felony and had no remorse for what he had done whatsoever. His own leader, one Pastor Phil Pringle of the now C3 Church failed to direct Dench to co-operate with the police investigation claiming that “Dench is a law unto himself”.

So exactly whom is it you are speaking of when you say that no Australian is above the law Prime Minister? And exactly which laws are you referring to in that statement?

And did your own “mentor” Brian Houston of the Hillsong Church admit to having concealed crimes of child sexual abuse in evidence to a Royal Commission?

I call on you Prime Minister to admit that there are indeed some people in this country who appear to be above the law!

And your statement that you are thinking about the victims and their families is just more empty rhetoric. I would suggest that it might be more prudent to show sensitivity to the families you claim to be thinking of, by not uttering empty words and instead, ensuring that the law vigorously pursues those who covered up these crimes in order to protect themselves and their own lucrative church strongholds.

Affirmation that no Australian is above the law Prime Minister? Sometimes it might be more prudent to just say nothing despite the fact you are a politician!

Kerri Ferguson

Source: Kerrie Ferguson, Outback Berean blog,, Published Feb 27, 2019. (Accessed Feb 28, 2019.)

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