Did Jesus expect Mary & Martha to heal Lazarus?

It’s becoming common knowledge that sermons at C3 San Diego are about as unbiblical as they come, including those preached by their senior pastor Jurgen Matthesius. On a recent Issues Etc podcast, during his weekly ‘Pop-Christianity’ segment, Ps Chris Rosebrough from Fighting For The Faith invites us to hear, according to Jurgen’s associate pastor Jon Heinrchs, that “Jesus actually expected Mary and Martha to heal Lazarus rather than wait for him to die and Jesus come to raise Lazarus. Heinrichs says this on the basis of the text there in John’s gospel.”

Ps. Jon Heinrichs – C3 San Diego.

Issues Etc host Todd Wilken states:

“There are times I wish, maybe all the time, I wish that some of these preachers of Pop-Christianity would just leave the Bible off the dais. They wouldn’t even bring it up with them if they’re going to preach what they want to preach anyway. Then just preach that and don’t use the bible as a pretext when they open the bible, read a verse and then either depart from it or begin to twist it. It does more damage than if they were just to get up and say, “Here’s what I’ve been thinking lately, here’s the latest bright idea I had or here’s my take on this thing”. At least then they wouldn’t be giving the impression that they are actually preaching God’s Word.”

Click here to listen to the Issues Etc podcast. “This Week in Pop-Christianity: Did Jesus Expect Mary and Martha to Heal Lazarus?”

Click here to watch Ps. Jon Heinrichs message. “God gives us both near and far sighted vision, but it’s always BIG SIGHTED!”

Source: Ps. Chris Rosebrough, Issues Etc, https://issuesetc.org/2019/03/29/0883-this-week-in-pop-christianity-did-jesus-expect-mary-and-martha-to-heal-lazarus-pr-chris-rosebrough-3-29-19/ Published March 29, 2019. (Accessed April 6, 2019.)

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