A manifesto for the discerning Christian.

Steve Kozar, founder of “The Messed Up Church” blog and Curator of the “Museum of Idolatry,” Steve is also a writer/researcher, podcaster and full-time, hyper-realist artist since 1986 (his “real job”). We believe Steve’s latest article calls his readers to be true Bereans.

Steve Kozar writes:

We will maintain a healthy skepticism towards all the big-name leaders in the church. No matter how famous a Christian celebrity might be, we refuse to be gullible just because someone has become a “brand name.” 

We will check everything any pastor/teacher says against God’s Word, and when it comes to the most powerful, multimillionaire “Super Pastors,” we will assume the worst until convinced otherwise.

"Pastor" David Hughes

“Pastor” David Hughes.

We refuse to be impressed or motivated by storytelling, drama and entertainment. God, and His written Word, is the only acceptable focus of a worship service-not the performances and manipulations of men. We will not tolerate idiotic stunts in order to “bring the unsaved to church.” We will not tolerate false humility and self-directed storytelling. We will not tolerate claims of direct revelation from any pastor/teacher. Any pastor/teacher that claims to hear “something new” directly from God will be immediately disqualified. No second chances.

We don’t need you.  We understand that you need a constant influx of new and gullible listeners, but we refuse to participate.


“Pastor” Steven Furtick.

A pulpit and a microphone should only be used to direct attention to Christ, not towards a pastor who loves the attention of an audience. A large church platform does not give any pastor the right to amass power and enlarge their bank account. Pastors must tell the truth, all the time – not just when it advances their career.

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Source: Steve Kozar, ‘The Messed Up Church’ blog, https://www.themessedupchurch.com/blog/a-manifesto-for-the-discerning-christian-ebwj8?fbclid=IwAR31OI-aCp7fk0XpyIRlp3Wj1qTbL9yyiUIkSVgnaEm2oq4Xldiz6J7iLl8, Published April 12, 2019. (Accessed April 13, 2019.)

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