Trump’s advisor, Paula White, pronounces herself an ‘Apostle’ and appoints son as replacement.

There’s already been quite a few articles on Paula White here at Church Watch Central – and as we have previously stated, ‘Apostle’ Paula White is not only President Trump’s ‘spiritual advisor’ (who claims to have led him to Christ), she is a notorious con artist who will happily twist the scriptures in order to financially exploit people. Paula White Cain is a wolf, a false teacher who uses the body of Christ to fulfill her own personal desires at the expense of others. She offers the facade of a humble Christian leader, but her teaching suggests she has no interest in acknowledging the truth found only in God’s Word.

From a 2017 Washington Post article:

“Not all Christians, including evangelicals, are fans of the wealthy, thrice-married White, who has long been associated with the prosperity gospel, a set of beliefs that says God will reward faith, and very generous giving, with financial blessings. Detractors point to a congressional investigation of her former church’s finances and accusations that she has taken advantage of her mostly African American parishioners through her fundraising. Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore has called her a “charlatan,” conservative Christian writer Erick Erickson has said she’s a “Trinity-denying heretic,” and Christian rapper Shai Linne named her a “false teacher” in one of his songs.

But since the election, White’s star has soared. She offered a prayer at Trump’s inauguration (becoming the first clergywoman in history in such a role). She sat by the president at a private dinner for evangelical leaders on the eve of the National Day of Prayer. She has hovered close by during prayer sessions in the Oval Office. She was present when Trump met with advisers to discuss the nomination of Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, she told me, she has turned many of her duties as a pastor of a large church in Apopka, Fla., over to associates as she jets to the White House an average of once a week.” (Link)

Paula White Cain said Trump asked her. “Would you bring some people around me to pray? I really want to hear from God.” With that simple request President Trump became one of her biggest con jobs. And as you can read in the article below, Paula White Cain has now proclaimed herself to be an ‘Apostle’

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Matthew 7:15


Paula White-Cain

News Division writes:

Paula White Cain, the thrice-married minister and former mistress of Benny Hinn, has pronounced herself to be an Apostle of Christ and installed her son as the new pastor of her church. While her son is the new lead pastor, White will serve as an “oversight pastor.”

Women, according to the Bible, shouldn’t be pastors at all. But while female pastors are not altogether rare in Pentecostal churches, having “Apostles” is a rather new phenomenon, associated with the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Some charismatic apologists, like Michael Brown, deny that NAR exists, in spite of high-profile figures like White declaring themselves Apostles.

NAR, although it also goes by other names, is a recent teaching in charismatic circles that the office of the Apostolate has been revived in latter times and Apostles walk the earth now just like in the days of the 1st Century church. It is closely associated with the prosperity gospel and Dominionism, the belief that God requires Christians to take over the “seven mountains of culture” to hasten Jesus’ return to Earth.

White told her congregation on Sunday:

“So today, I am officially installing Pastor Brad and Pastor Rachel as the senior pastors of over City of Destiny. Everybody stand up on your feet, because this is God’s plan. I am moving to what I call oversight pastor, but let me explain that. That is apostolic, but I just haven’t embraced the title, though. … But as apostolic overseer of City of Destiny, today officially, it’s all been done legally, officially, we are City of Destiny. Welcome to your new beginning.”

Brad Knight, son of Paula White Cain.

White renamed her church, probably to keep a legal right to past residual revenue of the church body, as many charismatic churches operate as businesses owned by the pastors. The church’s name, while under the ownership of White, was New Destiny Christian Center.

Like the Apostles of the 1st Century, NAR Apostles also claim to hear directly from God and their edicts can’t be challenged.

White was at the Unleashed Conference over the weekend and told the crowd after Jentzen Franklin got done speaking, “I’m just messed up, it’s so powerful and profound. I told my son (Brad Knight) will be the pastor as of this Sunday (May 5), because God spoke to me, so y’all don’t wanna miss Sunday because City of Destiny is being launched, come on. And God is moving. I’m the oversight pastor.”

Biblically, a pastor is also known as an ἐπίσκοπος (commonly translated “overseer”). Therefore, White is making herself an “oversight overseer,” which seems redundant.

White reportedly plans to help, in her role as an Apostle, to plant three thousand churches.

Source: News Division, Pulpit & Pen, Published May 6, 2019. (Accessed May 11, 2019.)

Over on the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network, you can also hear Paula White’s son – the recently ordained senior pastor Brad Knight, “telling people they can make babies by touching holy water and rubbing it on their parts.” Jordan Hall will point out that’s not how it works, fast forward to 38 min mark.

What’s a baby and how do you get one?

Source: JD Hall, Polemics Report, Published May 10, 2019. (Accessed May 11, 2019.)

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