Australian ‘Christian’ Festival Uses LEGO Spirits and Spirit Summoning?

Since 2017, Church Watch Central have been reporting on a bizarre Australian fringe group called ‘Christalignment’. This organisation, operating within the covering of Bethel Church Redding, claims that their ministry ‘is a large undercover prophetic evangelism deliverance ministry based in Australia. Our aim is to get people saved, healed, and set free.’ Jeff Maples of ‘Reformation Charlotte’ alerts his readers to the latest increasingly bizarre and satanic practices conducted by Christalignment at an ‘Easter Festival’.

“Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up. Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” Matthew 15:13-14

Jeff Maples writes:

Sometimes you have to glean past the absolute stupidity behind some of these movements and actually see the demonic forces behind it. One thing the Scriptures are abundantly clear on is that necromancy, talking to the dead, is forbidden (Leviticus 19:31, Deut 18:9-12, etc.).

One Satanic movement out of Australia that claims to be Christian is Christalignment. It is a gathering of hippies who hold festivals whereby all sorts of biblically forbidden practices are carried out in the name of Christ — blaspheming the Holy Spirit without a second thought. This year, at the Easter festival, Christalignment uses LEGOs to conduct what they call “spirit play.” (Link.)

Moreover, they set up what they called a “Presence Tent,” supposedly mocking the Tent of Meeting or the tabernacle where God’s presence was to be found. They practice tarot card reading — which they’ve renamed “destiny readings” to make it sound more Christian.

Of course, what is not to be found anywhere at this festival or event is the gospel of Jesus Christ. All of this is a distraction from the gospel — it focuses on the carnal, it is not of God, and in fact, it distracts people away from God marching its followers straight into the hands of Satan.

Source: Jeff Maples, Reformation Charlotte blog, Published May 29, 2019. (Accessed May 31, 2019.)

For further reading on the unbiblical practices of Christalignment and their ongoing association with Bethel Church, Redding, click here.

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