Jentezen Franklin – creating his own false narrative.

On a recent episode of ‘Fighting For The Faith’, Ps. Chris Rosebrough reviewed a sermon by Jentezen Franklin, “Picking Up Dropped Dreams”. Jentezen Franklin is well-known for being an exponent of the very popular but false WOF prosperity doctrine. Ps. Rosebrough demonstrates that Jentezen Franklin is trying to find a biblical doctrine for “dropped dreams” – a doctrine not found in the bible (although Jentezen would claim it’s found in ‘patterns and principles’). But in order for a pattern to be a biblical doctrine, it has to be clearly taught in scripture and there’s no text that teaches the ‘narrative’ Franklin is claiming.

As Ps. Rosebrough points out:

“What he’s doing is spinning a false narrative. And the narrative kind of goes along the false lines of: ‘God has a unique thing for you to accomplish, you need Jesus, you need to ask Jesus into your heart and as soon as you do, He will reveal to you what your unique dream/purpose is. And the devil going to try and knock that out of you and it always seems to be part of this unique dream is that you’re going to have a victorious life. You are going to be important. You are going to be influential. You are going to have health and wealth and well-behaved children and just a stellar faith, you are going to be amazing. You, you you you you you you you’ – and you’ll notice the emphasis is on you, not on Christ. Like I said, this is a false narrative.”

And it’s quite obvious that when comparing Jentezen Franklin to the biblical texts:

“He is teaching a different narrative altogether, and what he ends up doing with Jesus, and Jesus’ life, is unbelievable and it’s actually blasphemous.”


With all this in mind, should the discerning believer be at all surprised to see the upcoming C3Americas Presence Conference has Jentezen Franklin as a key-note speaker?

C3 Global leader Phil Pringle  introduces Franklin as:

“One of the amazing speakers at Presence Americas 2019, Jentezen Franklin, is known for his unique ability to connect with people across political, social, and economic boundaries. Jentezen delivers powerful life-changing messages by bringing practical understanding to timeless spiritual truths.”

Not only will you find Jentezen Franklin speaking at the conference above, you will also find he’s a regular speaker at the notorious Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church and he’s quite happy to share an upcoming platform at a Jesus Culture Conference and a Bethel Music Conference.

Sadly there is a never-ending trail of false teachers preying on the modern ‘church’ movements world-wide (Hillsong regularly hosts Jentezen Franklin as well). Their followers flock to hear the overwhelmingly misleading ‘theology of glory’ messages passed off as biblical doctrine. No longer is Christ at the centre of their sermons, bringing them a biblical ‘theology of the cross’. Instead what we see is a wicked shift to the focus being on the glorification of themselves.

A further very disturbing example of Jentezen Franklin’s scripture twisting can be watched here: “The Beast Gets Healed – And So Can You!”

“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” 2 Timothy 4: 3-4

Source: Ps. Chris Rosebrough, ‘Fighting For The Faith’, Premiered May 29, 2019. (Accessed May 30, 2019.)

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