A timely call for a ‘charismatic code of ethics’.

In his latest YouTube broadcast, Ps. Chris Rosebrough is calling for the establishment of a ‘Charismatic Code of Ethics’. Many ex-charismatics will appreciate Ps. Rosebrough’s call for this ‘code’ because of the spiritual damage they experienced before the Lord drew them out to greener pastures and still waters. The first ‘code of ethics’ call is on the ‘claims of the miraculous’. Ps. Rosebrough states:

“There are a lot of claims out there regarding the miraculous and here’s the thing – I completely believe that God can and does miraculously heal people. I’m a firm believer in miracles. I do not believe that God has ceased performing miracles. No, not at all, in fact I’ve prayed for people in my lifetime as a Christian and I have seen God miraculously answer prayer. I have, there’s just no way around it. But one of the things I would never engage in nor would I encourage you to do is get up and have a healing line and knock people over or claim that people watching ‘Fighting For The Faith’ YouTube channel were raised from the dead – unless of course I could actually provide documentation to that effect.”

Later on in the broadcast, Ps Rosebrough addresses some bizarre and unbiblical claims made by Dr. Michael Brown. Apparently God doles out gifts of healing to people who are teaching heresy and engaging in gross egregious sins:

“Right after the allegations about Todd Bentley went public, Dr.Brown went into ‘full spin-control’ and he did two broadcasts dedicated to the topic and one of them is a very fascinating thing. One of them is this claim that God, when he gives the gift of healing, that people will be able to operate in that gift of healing even if they’re engaging in egregious sexual sin as well as engaging in teaching false doctrine and heresy. I’m not making that up – this is his attempt at spin-control but here’s the thing. The reason why he’s doing that is because he wants to protect the charismatic movement’s claims regarding healing anointings and things like this – but I’m going to tell you, there’s no evidence whatsoever that Todd Bentley ever had a healing gift from God. Never. all he has been from day one is a spinner of yarns, tall tales, made-up stories and lies. He has never had a gift of healing and not one of claims to healing that he made recently or in the past, was ever true, ever and I mean it.”

And it’s also interesting to note that charismatics, like the ‘apostle of obfuscation’ Dr. Michael Brown (and others), who try to dumb down the biblical truths about charismaticism, especially that provided by discernment ministries like ‘Fighting For The Faith’, never provide ‘hyperlinks’ back to the very well-researched articles and commentary they themselves ‘critique’.

Are they so fearful that they believe providing comparative work (and links) will somehow cause other charismatics to think for themselves  – and perhaps leave the the charismatic movement?

Ps. Rosebrough will be updating this ‘charismatic code of ethics’ over the next few weeks:

Rule Number 1: All charismatics leaders, I am challenging you to sign on to the charismatic code of ethics. Rule number 1 being no claims to miraculous healings will be made public by any charismatic leaders until the healings have been verified by independent third party medical doctors.


Source: Ps.Chris Rosebrough, Pirate Christian Media, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NEi_Xltt_U. Premiered September 13, 2019. (Accessed September 13, 2019.)

Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Galatians 4:16

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