Unusual proof that Hillsong have no regard for the bible (or the Christmas message)

[Disclaimer: In case Hillsong pull their video, we have relevant snippets of the below footage (including Brian Houston endorsing the production). Please let us know if you would like the footage.]

In an unusual 2019 presentation of a ‘Christian’ nativity, Hillsong decided to cast one of the three wise men as a woman. You can see the entire ‘Hillsong Sydney Australia 2019 Christmas Spectacular’ below.

Source: Hillsong Church, Hillsong Church – Christmas Celebration, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e20vWv3o1oY, Published Dec 22, 2019. (Accessed Jun 10, 2020.)

You can imagine the argument from Hillsong: “We cast her because she is one of the only people can hit the high notes.” But that is not a valid argument. What is odd in dressing up a woman to sing the song is what Hillsong sits on: creative talent. It is not like Hillsong have a shortage of men with a high register who could sing the carol.

Furthermore, they have no excuse to have a woman play this type of special role in light of the fact that most productions (let alone Hillsong productions) have male understudies to step into the role if the male character is sick. You don’t see a woman play the character Hamlet or a man (these days) play Juliet (unless it’s a mock-up or comedy). Needless to say that the performance was no comedy and appeared to be reverent.

We would also like to point out that even after she sings ‘We Three Kings’, the choreography places her before the other two wisemen, leading them to Bethlehem. This point cannot and should not be missed. This was a deliberate and intentional move to cast a woman as a ‘wise man’ to lead ‘wise men’. This is a case of visual duplicity – an act of brainwashing that is a form of normalising something that is not considered normal without a valid or reasonable argument. To use emotionally charged art, music or theatre to convey something untrue is unethical.

Again, just like with the Sleazy Silent night video, Hillsong has no regard for the sacred. Even the world still respects carols or considers the nativity a sacred story to Christianity. They at least have the decency to respect what is treasured by many. Not Hillsong. Their anti-enlightenment and anti-Christian progressive agenda is more important than what the bible says.

As usual, Salt and Light have already produced a YouTube video capturing the shocking absurdity of Hillsong’s Christmas production.

Source: Salt and Light, Hillsong: Changing the Bible one gender at a time, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbNnhys-7Gk, Published May 9, 2020. (Accessed May 10, 2020.)

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