Tanya Levin and Hillsong: The Rise of a Falling Star and the Fall Of a Rising Empire.

If the Covid19 epidemic and the imploding scandal of Hillsong ‘pastor’ Carl Lentz were not enough to contribute to the fall of Hillsong, perhaps the growing number of voices behind Tanya Levin will.

Recently, Tanya has been working hard on developing the two podcasts below, encouraging people to share their stories or contribute in making content for her shows.

1. Leaving Hillsong

This podcast series encourages people to share their stories on her show. What makes her interviews intriguing is Tanya’s ability to ‘get out of the way’ in her conversations and allow her guests to do all the talking. Every story has a unique insight and perspective into the Hillsong phenomena. (See more.)

2. Reading Hillsong

‘Reading Hillsong’ is an audible presentation of literary works by Hillsong’s apostolic leaders. Currently, a range of individuals are reading chapter by chapter Hazel Houston’s book, ‘Being Frank’.  It is a timely work for Tanya to tackle considering the fact that there has been a resurge of interest around Frank Houston. It is a very insightful tome that highlights Hillsong’s troubling past.

Below is a list of episodes from ‘Leaving Hillsong’ for our readers to listen to. We hope these podcasts empower and inspire Hillsong members to finally stand up and speak out against abusive Hillsong leadership and Hillsong culture. In particular, we are interested in any stories about Nathanael Wood.

A Minor Thing

Lisa found spiritual homes in the AoG/Hillsong network for 14 years, for her, her husband, and family of 5… or so she thought.
  • 39 min

My Voice Does Matter

Megan was 17 when she moved to the big city and started attending a big church that soon became Life in name and for her.
  • 35 min

An Economy of Souls – Part 2

Shaun Nemorin is a therapist, mental health researcher and a leader in the torture and trauma field.
  • 49 min

An Economy of Souls – Part 1

Shaun Nemorin is a narrative therapist, a former UNHCR staffer, with a Masters in Social Work, specialising in trauma.
  • 45 min

A Pentecostal Agenda Part 2

In Part 2, Fiona leaves the revival centre movement and goes out into the big, not so bad world. This episode looks briefly at the domestic violence model and leaving a pentecostal church, so please be prepared.
  • 33 min

A Pentecostal Agenda

This week we hear from Fiona about a church not unlike Hillsong, but not Hillsong. Fiona grew up in Melbourne in several Pentecostal churches including the Christian Revival Centres.
  • 27 min

A Bald-Faced Lie Part 2 (final) Nathan Zamprogno

When disgraced pastor Frank Houston left the Hillsong off shoot church he’d been sent to, Nathan Zamprogno did soon after, too. But not before he’d seen the harsh reality of where church and state collided.
  • 44 min

A Bald-faced Lie

Nathan Zamprogno was a devoted member of a church that was a Hillsong offshoot, about half an hour’s drive away. He discusses the impact those years of devotion had on him before he ended up #leavinghillsong.
  • 35 min

My Favourite Colour – Emily’s Story Part 2 (final)

Emily discusses the ‘trail of destruction’ that Bobbie Houston left behind and what the global pastor’s words have meant to her. She tells us about the tools she found to rescue herself from Religious Trauma Syndrome and how she found a peaceful life that she loves living.
  • 33 min

My Favourite Colour – Emily’s Story

Emily grew up in a Christian home singing the songs of Hillsong in church. When she got the chance to actually be in the  band after moving to London, she jumped at it. Over time, Emily realised things were changing.
  • 37 min

A Bit of a Weirdo – Part 2 Jo’s Story

Jo tells us her happy ending with Ben and the baby/s 🙂 and explains what life was like working every day for a church of 800 people in a volunteer musician role. A very informative episode about a woman’s experience in the music world as a worship leader for a church plant of Hillsong’…
  • 27 min

A Bit of a Weirdo – Jo’s Story

Jo felt like an outsider at school and gladly welcomed her friend’s invitation to go to a youth group at a local church. The church happened to be one of the satellite offshoots ‘planted’ by Pastor Frank Houston of Hillsong (nee Sydney Christian Life Centre)…
  • 30 min

An Irresistible Drug: David’s Story Part 3 (final)

David discusses the effects of leaving Hillsong and what life’s been like since as well as the influences Frank Houston had on the city, the nation, and his son, Brian.We hear more about the similarities David sees, the ways he survived and the fears he holds for those involved with Hillsong now.
  • 43 min

An Irresistible Drug: David’s Story Part 2

David tells us more 80’s history of Hillsong, its founder Frank Houston’s expansion of an empire and Frank’s son, a young preacher, called Brian who had recently moved from New Zealand with his wife, Bobbie.
  • 32 min

An Irresistible Drug – David’s Story Part 1

David was a working musician in Sydney’s 80’s scene when he happened upon a friendly family church with a vibrant community called Sydney Christian Life Centre – run by Pastor Frank Houston and his son, Brian, in the background.
  • 26 min

“I don’t think it takes much for a cult to be a cult. Many parts of our society are cultish, and you only need a charismatic leader and some teachings, and before you know it, you have a cult.” Jerome Flynn

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Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?” Galatians 4:16

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