Bobbie Houston: “There’s nothing within Brian and I at the moment that wants to retire”.

One person who has evaded the majority of the spotlight within Hillsong is Bobbie Houston. The #MeToo and #IllRideWithYou pastrix has been essential in Hillsong’s ‘virtue signalling’ for decades while ignoring the horrific abuse scandals of women caused by the Hillsong name – Mercy Ministries being a prime example. While there is no doubt that Bobbie, the wife of Brian Houston, has been clearly aware of her husband’s handling of his father’s paedophilia, she has shown absolute no Christian compassion towards supporting those sexually abused. One should expect that with her power and influence, these victims could have had the emotional, spiritual and financial support needed to repair their lives. While she appears to give the impression she stands against abuse outside of the walls of Hillsong, to this day Bobbie Houston has done nothing to help and support abused women in her role as church leader. Instead, her silence has been deafening regarding sexual abuse within Hillsong church.

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Preferring to ‘virtue signal’ the ‘princess culture’ within Hillsong where she is all about ‘women’s empowerment’, this silence continues to grow. It’s also interesting to note that this silence appears to have been noticed by Hillsong’s female ‘poster child’, Christine Caine. Has Christine backed off completely from her Hillsong speaking engagements? If Christine Caine was aware of the sexual misconduct or the mistreatment of women at Hillsong, it is a potentially smart move of Caine to distance herself. 

So why isn’t Bobbie Houston being held accountable for her knowledge
regarding the scandals she and her husband helped cover up?

To be consistent with their Hillsong theology, both are responsible (as ‘one flesh’) for each other’s actions as church leaders. 


A good example of this ‘one flesh’ concept recently appeared on March 23, 2022 in an Eternity News advert on Facebook. Eternity News is like the BBC of the world when it comes to integrity in journalism; when journalists and investigators break a scandal – the BBC reports or says the opposite to further whatever ‘virtue signalling cause’ to appeal to the expectations of their audiences. Likewise with Eternity News, they once again act as the propaganda arm for Hillsong, interviewing Bobbie Houston to portray her husband in contrast to what both the victims and the spiritually abused have revealed about him. 

Note: We are mindful that this interview may have happened a week or two before Brian being forced to resign. Nevertheless, the entire point of the Eternity News piece is not newsworthy but a mere damage control piece that contributes in reinforcing the lie that Brian Houston and Hillsong are not abusive in their leadership roles in any way, shape or form.

Furthermore, her words about ‘retirement’ are questionable in the sense that by this stage (thanks to Hillsong elders back in January), she knew Brian Houston was unfit to continue pastoring Hillsong (because of his discipline process in how he mistreated women). By doing this interview potentially outside of Hillsong’s eldership governance, was this their attempt to hold on to control of their empire? We would like to see an investigation into Hillsong’s connections to the Bible Society and Eternity News as to who is authorising these stories in order to defend the ‘credibility’ of Brian and Bobbie Houston at the expense of Hillsong’s eldership.

Eternity advertised the following advert of Bobbie Houston, Brian Houston and Hillsong on Facebook:

Bobbie Houston on retirement, criticism and ‘megachurch’
Our intimate and wide-ranging conversation with Hillsong Church’s Bobbie Houston has her opening up about women in leadership, dealing with criticism, retirement plans and so much more …
Explore the full interview –

Towards the end of the video, Eternity asked a question around Brian and Bobbie Houston actually retiring from ministry. Her response? 

“Do I have plans to retire? I actually said that to Brian recently, maybe a year or so ago. I said, ‘Honey, when do you think I should retire?’ And he just laughed at me. He actually just laughed in a nice way. He’s like, ‘That’s hilarious.’ So, um, no I don’t – I don’t have any ti-I mean why? I’m not gonna retire from the, from loving God and wanting to serve him as best I can. Okay. But I am mindful of age. 

I am mindful of seasons and 62, that means we’re probably in that last quarter of our lives depending on how long we live. So we’re actually mindful of the future. We’re mindful of setting the future up. But there’s nothing within Brian and I at the moment that wants to retire.”

Source: Bobbie Houston, Bobbie Houston on retirement, criticism and ‘megachurch’, Eternity News,, Published March 23, 2022. (Accessed March 30, 2022.) [8:13]

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