Brian Houston: compulsive liar

This article is comparing two “media” stories, one in 2006 and the other last year (2014). We think it is important for our readers to compare the pair and to also be reminded of the older and more important article on Hillsong.

“Pastor” Ed Stetzer the Bully?

This article examines the behaviour of Ed Stetzer, (who is the “Pastor” of Grace Church, a “Pastor” of “Pastors” and a two-faced president of Lifeway Research. This article exposes how he still refuses to address his leadership issues and is quite prepared to speak from both sides of his mouth.

Now THIS is sexy entertainment!

This article is a MUST read for all Christian readers! Meet Broadway couple Reed Kelly and Josh Canfield. This article looks at the *wonderful* lives of this cute gay couple. Their lives are full of fun, adventure and love. Read all about their wonderful lifestyle… (Don’t go judging them now!)