Perry Noble called out by pastors on his false teaching

Perry Noble is a popular Seeker Sensitive pastor of NewSpring in South Carolina. His church claims that roughly 32,000 people attend during weekend services at multiple campuses throughout the state.

Recently Perry Noble has been under-fire for using racist language in the pulpit and for playing verbal gymnastic over the Ten Commandments. The below article from allows people to see the various ministers that exposed Perry Noble’s false teachings on the Ten Commandments.

Round-up: responses to Perry Noble on the Ten Commandments

We have already covered Perry Noble’s claim that there is no word in Hebrew for ‘commandment’, and his subsequent doubling-down on that error. However, there have been further rebuttals of Noble’s dangerous false teaching and, since he is lead pastor of NewSpring, the largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention, Nobel’s errors propagate widely. A round-up of the best responses may therefore prove helpful.

Responses to Noble’s original claims:

1. James DuncanNoble rescinds the Ten Commandments for 2015
2. Pastor Chris RosebroughJesus Called Them Commandments, Mr. Noble
3. Pastor Chris RosebroughPerry Noble’s False Hebrew Information (audio, segment discussing Noble starts at 32:50)
4. Dr. James R. White, director of Alpha and Omega Ministries – Yes, Perry, Hebrew Has Multiple Words that Mean “Command” (video and audio)

Further discussion, and responses to Noble’s subsequent spin and obfuscation:

1. James DuncanNoble departs Christian orthodoxy, announces he’s staying put
2. Pastor Chris RosebroughPerry Noble’s Explanation (audio, segment discussing Noble starts at 45:15)
3. Pastor Kevin Boling, host of the Knowing the Truth radio programme, interviews James Duncan – Perry Noble’s Problem with God (audio)

Source: By Doulos, Round-up: responses to Perry Noble on the Ten Commandments,,, Published 07/01/2015. (Accessed 10/01/2014.)

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