Review of Fourth Dimension: Ch 1 – What spirit is leading Prophet Cho?

This article will be comparing the Spirit of scriptures to the spirit Yonggi Cho talks about in his book, “The Fourth Dimension”. The reason why we think it is worth quoting from his earlier works is simply because he still peddles this teaching to this day.



In our previous article. we previously covered how Cho claimed the Holy Spirit started talking to him.

“Then I sat down and began to cry. Suddenly I felt a serenity, and a feeling of tranquility come into my soul. Whenever I have that feeling, a sense of the presence of God, He always speaks; so I waited. Then that still, small voice welled up in my soul, and the Spirit said, “My son, I heard your prayer a long time ago.”

Right away I blurted out, “Then where are my desk, chair and bicycle?”

The Spirit then said, “Yes, that is the trouble with you, and with all my children. They beg me, demanding every kind of request, but they ask in such vague terms that I can’t answer. Don’t you know that there are dozens of kinds of desks, chairs and bicycles? But you’ve simply asked me for a desk, chair and bicycle. You never ordered a specific desk, chair or bicycle.”

That was a turning point in my life. No professor in Bible college ever taught me along these lines.”
Source: David Yong-gi Cho, Incubation: A Law of Faith, The Fourth Dimension (Vol 1), Published: US, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 1979. Pg 3-4.


Yonggi Cho’s continues,

“Then I said, “Lord, do you really want me to pray in definite terms?” This time the Lord led me to turn to Hebrews, the eleventh chapter: “Faith is the substance of things,” clear-cut things, “hoped for.”

I knelt down again and said, “Father, I’m sorry. I made a great mistake, and I misunderstood you. I cancel all my past prayers. I’ll start over again.”

Source: David Yong-gi Cho, Incubation: A Law of Faith, The Fourth Dimension (Vol 2), Published: US, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 1983. Pg 4.

The problem is that all translations we’ve looked at do not say faith is the substance of clear-cut things hoped for. In fact, you will not even see “clear-cut things” in the original Greek text.

If one would like to claim that this is the Holy Spirit, than why would the Holy Spirit contradict himself throughout Hebrews 11 and Hebrews 12? Why is the Holy Spirit leading Prophet David Yonggi Cho to add to Hebrews 11:1?

You might think that this is a fine point but this is what Yonggi Cho has built a substantial part of his doctrine on.

The bottom line is this: Which Holy Spirit do you believe? The Holy Spirit of David Yonggi Cho or the Holy Spirit that wrote the Holy scriptures?

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