Hillsong’s ‘infallible’ prophets? (Part 2)


Bobbie declared in her 2013 Women’s conference that she received a “God whisper”.

“And in that moment, God spoke to me…”

“I feel like the Lord is saying, ‘Go home and flourish.”

“It was the genius and wisdom of God! Honestly!”

Speaking with such authority that God spoke to her, she continually reinforced the idea that she was some kind of prophetess.

Towards the end of this video – you’ll notice her “god whisper” kick in as she wrestles with what she just said to her audience.

[5:26] “And you know if you’ve been around me and us that, you know, the essence [of this conference] came out of what I felt was a god whisper.

A whisper in my spirit many years ago that said, “Bobbie! Create a conference in Sydney. An environment in Sydney for young women, girded up with the older women, and tell them something. Tell them there is a god in heaven who believes in them. And not only that, a company of others.” I mean, that is the god whisper.

[Looks unsettled]

Sometimes I smile at myself and I go, “I hope when I get to heaven it was a god whisper. I hope I don’t get there and Jesus goes, “Actually we never said that but we rolled with it anyway because it was really God”. I don’t know! Hahaha!

No I feel it was a God whisper! The fruit bears witness! Hahahaha! Sometimes, do you ever doubt that? You’re going, “How embarassing if I get to heaven and they say, ‘Actually – no- but it was a good idea and we went with it anyway’.

But you know what? That was a – that was a god whisper.”

Source: Juan Marcos Lecuona, Pastor Bobbie Houston, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwqz-1PA0wE, Published 17/07/2013. (Accessed 05/02/2015.)

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