Moved: What Is Phil Pringle Trying To Hide? *Update 3* (03-07-2013)

On the 9th of June in a Sunday morning service, the following event occured.

This same media blackout also occurred at C3’s PM service.

Odd behaviour don’t you think?

Is anyone aware of what was said from the stage during the ‘blackout’?

If so, please email us.


EDIT 03/07/2013: A C3 member recently contacted C3CW to say that “the black out on the video was Phil saying that they were receiving bad press and wanted the church to get online on twitter and facebook and say good things.”

We would like to get further confirmation on this. If what is reported is true, consider this: instead of standing (or preaching) on the truth of God’s Word, C3 have to resorted to false advertising.


EDIT 04/07/2013: This comment on CHC Confessions appears to confirm the above comment:

“As I begin to sit back and think through the early days in Hepzibah, in WTC, in Westin, I could not help but lament – Why is it that the church has reached such a stage? It is no rocket science to see that the repeated call to unity, the statement from the board, the focus on relationship are attempts to keep people from leaving and raising doubts. Why can’t the church address these issues and keep insisting that the matter is before the courts? Don’t the leadership know that if concerns are not addressed promptly and professionally, more people will have doubts and they will leave? If the leadership is indeed blameless, why do they need to wait until tranches 2 & 3? They should be confident enough to call a spade a spade. Having cgls telling us – ” Dun judge”, ” Dun listen to rumors etc. is counter productive.

And Pst Phil mentioned on Sunday that members should not visit “websites” (I presume that he is referring to this site and other similar ones) is only going to make matters worse by generating more doubts, more uncertainties in people.

The church will never be the same again. Even in the unlikely event that he leaders are found not guilty (I doubt so), irreversible damages have been done to the faith and the church.

I really wonder how is the church going to raise the rest of the BF with reduced memberships and a possible exodus of more people in the months to come? The only solution I could think of is to remove the entire leadership and the board and to appoint new ones that will bring the church back to its noble standing.”

Source: CHC Confessions,, 23:18, 02/07/2013. (Accessed 04/07/2013.)

If we get the audio on this, we will upload it when we can.

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