More revealing evidence in CHC financial scandal

Mrs Light n Friends writes,

CHC Trial – No Problem or Big Problem?

This is in relation to a series of emails that the prosecution used on 1st and 2nd April 2015 to cross-examine Tan Ye Peng.

In E-444, Justin Herz, who is the US producer, asked Kong Hee to send additional funds and Kong Hee responded by saying,

“No problem, I will wire another US$250,000 to you by tomorrow”.

8 days later (E-855 dated 10 May 2006), Serina Wee forwarded the email to Tan Ye Peng . She says, “…We’re in big trouble in July….”

Another 2 days later Tan Ye Peng says, “So we will be in trouble ….”

Months later on 12 October 2006 (E-187), Serina Wee says, “We’ll be in trouble from May 07 onwards”

On 5 October 2006, (E-450) Serina wrote to Tan Ye Peng,

Serina Wee says,
Xtron has a deficit of $454k at end of 2007 is due to the
1. US$250,000 paid to Justin.
2. Increase in Chinese album expenditure $70,000
3. Sun’s handphone bills between January 2005 and December 2007 totaling $132,000

For the above email evidence, the prosecutor is showing evidence of who is controlling Xtron. The other co-accused John Lam, Eng Han and Sharon Tan are not kept in the email loop.

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