Hillsong insider: the GCC “merge” “was surely and truly a “plotted corporate takeover””


The above claim was made by our previous Hillsong insider. They reported, “Brian randomly talked about Garden City Church, claiming that Hillsong merged with them to create a Hillsong church”.

Here is another witness describing Hillsong’s ruthless takeover of Garden City Church. Recently an insider who was previously a pastor of Garden City Church, wrote their account on Garden City on the 2nd of April 2015 in response to our previous Hillsong insider article.

This testimony only proves that Brian Houston deliberately mislead his congregation on Tuesday, the 10th of February 2015.


Hi “Hillsong Church Watch”,

Thanks for this testimonial article from a hillsong insider.

It made sense to me as I had the displeasure and disgust to work there as a full-time pastor. The Garden City Christian Church “merge” was surely and truly a “plotted corporate takeover” – I witnessed first hand what happened behind the scenes with all the backstabbing, string-pulling and puppeteering from Sydney.

Also, here is what I saw and experienced during my short but intense ministry spell at Hillsong:

1) Prosperity Gospel – The false teaching that by becoming a christian and entering the church community, people would enjoy a prosperous and “rosy” life style;

2) Personality Cult – That life style is to be inspired by their cool and trendy leadership, music and media superstars, platform preaching performers; triggering therefore, a fanatic and frentic following on social media, resource purchases, conference attendance;

3) Performance Mentality – We were “taught” to “hype up” our testimonies, push for baptisms, inflate the numbers of services/decisions, so we might look good before our supervisors and proof a blessed increase in our ministry to the people;

4) Profit Business – They are tax exempt ( as a religious non-for-profit organisation), but everything there is strategically and thoughtfully “taxed” in order to yield good $ returns (at the end of the day it’s all about the number$$$); (Tithes & Offerings is “Prime”);

5) Pavlova Message – Preaching and teaching at Hillsong is always sweet (no offence and lots of “fence-sitting”), looks good and colourful, it’s pleasing to the palate, easy to swallow but very low in real and solid biblical nutrients (People who truly value the Word of God and discipleship do not remain for long at Hillsong);

6) Production Base- Strong belief at Hillsong in the “power of the atmosphere” where we produce and manufacture the environment with external elements (lighting, sound, dark walls, media effect, etc) and internal fake worship (stereotypical hillsong worshipper) and God comes up with the results (they even dare to call it “Revival”);

7) Proud Atitude – One of the things that really grabbed my attention there, was the pride and arrogance of the leadership, particularly when referring to other smaller churches and ministries;

Hope it helps to shed more light into this darkness…

Happy Easter and Keep up the good work!

Source: Comment – Thurs, 2 Apr 2015.

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