What is the “Australian Prophetic Council”?


The Australian Prophetic Council

Katherine Ruonala appears to have founded and oversees what is called the “Australian Prophetic Council”. The above photo is of the Australian “Prophetic” Council. This image is from Katherine Ruonala’s photos on FaceBook. The people that she tagged in the above photo appear to be the some of the “prophets” who attended.

Faylene Sparkes, Royree Jensen, Gary Morgan, Nick Watson, Brian Simmons, Candice Simmons, Glen Vines, Lana Vawser, Merrilyn Billing and Amanda Wells.
Source: Katherine Ruonala, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152674825648286&set=p.10152674825648286&type=1&permPage=1, 22/09/2014. (Accessed 05/02/2015.)

Ruonala also writes,

Wonderful time with Australian Prophetic Council today. Looking forward to the Prophetic Summit tomorrow with Bobby Conner
Source: Katherine Ruonala, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152674823058286&set=p.10152674823058286&type=1&permPage=1, Published 22/09/2014. (Accessed 05/02/2015.)

You can visit the group website to read up on their latest false prophecies (http://www.australianpropheticcouncil.com.au/). You can also check out the APC on Facebook, which has additional APC “prophetic” members (https://www.facebook.com/TheAutralianPropheticCouncil).

These are the prophets of the council (in no particular order):

01APC-Katherine Ruonala 25APC-Merrilyn Billings 24APC-Nick Watson 23APC-Brian Siimons 22APC-Nuno Marques 21APC-Rebecca Damianopoulos 20APC-Cheryl Lindley 19APC-Gary Morgan 18APC-Helen Cabonov 17APC-Veronica Kilrain 16APC-James Markert 15APC-James Graham 14APC-Colin Brown 13APC-Royree Jensen 12APC-Faylene Sparks

11APC-Chris Turner 10APC-Sheena Ryan 09APC-Glen Vines 08APC-Amanda Wells 07APC-Sarah Cheesman 06APC-Bobby Conner 05APC-Roma Waterman 04APC-Lana Vawser 03APC-Daryl Crawford-Marshalls 02APC-Isi De Gersigny

Katherine Ruonala, Lana Vawser, James Market, Daryl Crawford-Marshall, Roma Waterman, Chris Turner, Bobby Conner, C James Graham, Isi De Gersigny, Sheena Ryan, Amanda Wells, Colin Brawn, Sarah Cheesman, Faylene Sparks, Royree Jensen, Gary Morgan, Nick Watson, Candice and Brian Simmons, Glen Vines, Merrilyn Billing, Adam F Thompson and Veronica Kilrain. Other names were mentioned in these listings – but we kept it to who we thought were Australians only and/or have their own churches or ministries over here.

Do you think these men and women nobly represent the Christian faith in Australia?

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  1. To my fellow servants and watchmen and women in Christ
    In response to your question above frankly one word a sound NO these people do not I repeat do not represent the faith of the people in Australia. I am an Australian living over in Rangiora a town north of Christchurch New Zealand. I see also over in New Zealand the same flakiness in churches which grieves me to my very soul. These people are setting themselves and others up for a big fall, they are preparing the people of the so called churches in Australia for the Antichrist and not for the true Christ.

    They are not speaking or prophesying through the true Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth but rather they are speaking from a false spirit an angel of light is speaking through them. They are agents of satan, devil’s advocates in the apostate churches. I just briefly looked at their web site and they write the same disclaimer that churches are being frightened through different words of prophecy which may very well be true words of prophecy from the Lord warning them of danger and the coming tribulation the false peace and the Antichrist. They don’t like hearing this sort of talk at all. My question is how do they judge the words of prophecy they speak how do they weigh them up?

    I know for a fact for the Lord gave me a word for Dunedin a city on the sth Island of New Zealand warning this city of what was going to happen to it and New Zealand over all if they keep supporting Islam and this word is coming to pass but the so called prophets didn’t like this word for it cut across what they prophesy. As I wasn’t one of their flakey mob they didn’t recognize the word or me nor did they accept it as a warning from Father Himself instead they wrote to the person who I sent to word to and rubbished what I wrote from God, they criticized me and the word without taking it in prayer to seek the Lord to see if it did come from Him.

    Why because it frightened them perhaps God was trying to get their attention and putting a bit of fear of Himself into their hearts for what He gave me is coming to pass and will come to pass in full.

    What they mean by prophecy their false understanding of prophecy doesn’t make people feel good, is not positive and is not like candy floss forget it. They don’t want strong words from God telling things as they are words spoken in truth and warning because these true words from God cuts across their false theology they don’t want to hear but cover their ears and say no don’t tell us what we don’t want to hear.

    The blood of many people will be on their hands for they are not true watch men and women warning of the danger that is coming on the earth they are keeping people in lala land not telling them the truth but lying to them big time. I have read many a web site with similar words of so called prophecy from these false prophets they bear the same marks they speak the same words, they use the same terms. It is all nonsense and Jesus said you will know them by their fruits and they are bearing bad fruit every single one of them. Jesus warned in Matthew 7:13-29 about not to go in by the wide gate but to enter by the narrow gate about the difference between good and bad fruits and about true and false prophets. He warned about false prophets and it is to these people who He will sternly say on the day of His return depart from Me I never knew you you workers of iniquity who did not obey My commands.

    These people are so deceived they have become like the cults with their stock answers that should you warn them not to do such and such they say don’t judge or they say that their revelations are higher than the scriptures and you can’t rely upon the scriptures they cast doubt on the scriptures being God’s inerrant word.
    So like the cults you can no longer go to them using the scriptures themselves to show them where they are wrong. They are relying upon feelings extra biblical revelations and they no longer see Jesus as being unique the true Son of God but see Him like many New Agers do as a person who had the Christ consciousness whatever that is and they rely upon words from their false angels and ascended masters they just Jesus as being a man who has attained Godhood this is folly and from the pit of hell. Yet so many in the churches are buying into this lie because they are Biblically illiterate.

    They think they are higher than God Himself they are setting themselves up and others with them for destruction.

    I used to buy into their false teaching I had books written by these false teachers in America who are part of the New Apostolic Reformation mob on prayer, intercession, spiritual warfare, Israel their version of what they want to see happen in that land not what God says is going to happen and will happen in Israel at His Son’s return and on prophecy. When I moved to New Zealand God started to wake me up to the truth about what they really believe and teach and I threw out every single book I wasted money on from them.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these false prophets are connected to the New Apostolic Reformation false apostles and prophets for they certainly use a lot of their terminology in their prophesies.

    In fact these people are just weak copy cats of their false teachers. When the time of the Great Tribulation comes watch them run or go to pieces unless they repent they will die in their sins. They look positively evil some of these people in the pictures they are of another spirit and another household certainly not the Lord’s household and not of His pure clean Holy Spirit who is truth. The Jesus they speak of is not the risen glorious Lord but a cosmic Christ a universal Christ which is accepted by all religions and denominations. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jesuits and the Vatican are also in the background too. I recognize a lot of this false stuff as being the spiel of Kingdom Now cess pool. When I was a young believer in the early 1980s we heard of Kingdom Now teaching it was so out there we used to laugh at it thinking it will never come into the churches like New Age teaching now both are well and truly in the church the world is so much in the church you can’t tell the difference now. In fact Kingdom Now teaching is more in line with the New Age than with the scriptures.

    I like to see these people live through a 7.1 earthquake, several earth tremors and a deadly 6.3 earthquake and more earth tremors that effected my city of Christchurch in 2010 and 2011 like I have done. If they do live through such an earthquake they will try and pray it away, prophesy it away or decree it away which they love to do these things but God won’t listen to them.

    For we lived in Christchurch and lived through all of the quakes before we moved to Rangiora and had more since living up here. God told me the week of the earthquake the first one that struck Christchurch that there will be an earthquake in the natural and in the spiritual and this happened on the Tuesday morning during my prayer time and we had the first big quake on the Saturday morning. Again this happened during my prayer time and when this quake was happening I just shouted out the praises of my God and not one thing got broken in the house except a touch lamp.

    God protected us from harm I know the power of my God and He aint no wimp. He is coming back in power to judge the nations but these liars don’t like to talk about God judging anyone no they just bleat on and on about being prosperous for they are a mixture of the Word of Faith mob too. Well I have news for them when Jesus returns every city on this planet will be destroyed see Revelation 16 so where will be their prosperity then. No they have their rewards let the dead bury the dead they are spiritually dead to God but they must be warned in case some may be getting sick of the lies and want to repent and come out of the muck.

    No we must fight the good fight of faith and warn, warn, warn of the coming judgement when we can. This is what God has called me to do where I can and sow seeds of the truth of what is going to take place on the earth before the return of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah Jesus.

    These false prophets use the same language Manifest Sons of God, Latter Rain terminology revealing of the sons, birthing etc it is all Dominion Now Kingdom Now speak it is satanic. I hate it and God hates it too. They are using the scriptures to try and make them fit for Australia a nation born in a day that refers to Israel – that was the prophecy on the revealing of the Son in March however this word – not Australia and she will be born anew when the true Jesus comes back to this planet in His glorified body He will come back to Jerusalem period not to America or Australia but to Israel. They are clones of Peter Wagner and Co and they are trying to copy or should I say ape those in America with their so called Prophetic councils that lead not to life but to death spiritual death. Anyone who buys into this rubbish will not be ready when the time of the Great Tribulation comes upon the earth or be prepared for the false peace that will come first through the false Messiah no they will embrace this impost imposter with open arms and those fools following them will do likewise and be encouraged to do likewise for they will say that this false Christ is the real one and how I shudder for them.

    God has had me write newsletters I send them out once a month warning what is happening in the world in particular about what is happening in Australia, New Zeland and about these people and thank you for bringing to light these dangerous men and women so I can warn my country men and women to whom I send the newsletters plus the ones in Kiwiland not to follow them. Thank you for your obedience in sounding the alarm.

    Another thing they write about birthing their 04 April false prophecy yes the true Kingdom of God will be birthed but through Tribulation, God has been speaking to me about a great shaking that will soon very soon take place on the earth, which I believe could be World War III a nuclear one that will be in the Middle East and this war will lead into the time of Daniel’s 70th week with a false peace followed by the great Tribulation. The rise of the false Messiah,

    God has emphasized this will take place by allowing me to feel this shaking that is coming and I have had several dreams about a great shaking which God said will come upon the earth and this lines up more with the scriptures Hebrews 12:25-29 Joel 3:16, Haggai 26-7: about God doing a great shaking as He returns to set up His kingdom.

    Our God means what He says, if He says a shaking or judgment is coming then it will happen, He writes about a Great Tribulation coming on the earth Jesus spoke of it and He being God the Son is speaking truth and it will happen just as He said it would through His own mouth and through the prophets. Yet these people don’t take the scripture literally but make them into allegories and make them say things that God never intended them to say this is the work of the devil who knows the scriptures but he twists them to mean something totally different so suit his evil purposes. These people play right into his hands by doing what they do to the scriptures and they are stumble stones whom God will remove out of His way in due course.

    These people are false prophets to be avoided at all costs.Jeremiah 23 warns about these people and I think this chapter in Jeremiah sums these people up very well. Also 2 Peter 2:1-4 warns about false teachers and they are just as bad as false prophets they both lead people astray into error and into worshiping another God or Christ see 2 Corinthians 11:3-4,13-15. They are proclaiming another, Christ, with another gospel and they are prophesying for this false Christ who is the Antichrist they are speaking his false words to deceive many.

    Well that is enough from me.

    Yours in Christ our true soon coming King.
    Jenny Bolton from Rangiora New Zealad
    a watch woman on the wall to sound the alarm and fight the good fight of faith and looking forward for His coming.

    • Jennifer. Greetings! I am an ordained minister who has an international ministry, which primary revolves around understanding of the Holy Spirit, the Spiritual Gifts, etc and encouraging churched people to fulfill their role/calling in Christ. If you don’t mind, I would like to establish your credentials for making such statements, etc.. I am very open to hearing various opinions, etc, then judging them by thr Holy Spirit. My research of you on the net reveals no ministry affiliations and most of your blogs and prophesy are negative, condemnation or judgemental. Why I asked this is in the Bible says 1 Corinthians 14 requires a person who prophesies to comply with one of three categories: Comforts, Edifies & Exhorting “But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.”. 1 Thessalonians 5 states “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” . Mathew 7 speaks of judgement “Do Not Judge – 1 Do not judge, or you will be judged. 2 For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?… but basically none of your prophesies or statements that I have found todate, comply with these scriptures. As you proclaim to be God’s messanger is there a reason that your posts appear to be outside God clear directions? Phil

    • “As you proclaim to be God’s messanger is there a reason that your posts appear to be outside God clear directions? ”

      We have never proclaimed to be “God’s messanger” or claim any prophetic office.

  2. Great comment, Jenny. I agree with what you’ve said. There’s an infiltration of NAR false teaching in our community at the moment. Praise be to the King of Kings, Jesus. He is wonderful.
    Blessings, Alexandra.

  3. “By interacting with national prayer groups and initiatives, it is the hope of the APC that respected prophetic words will be declared, proclaimed and circulated, producing hope and vision for the nation.The APC is made up of prophetic voices that already have some level of national or international recognition and influence as well as of apostles, national prayer leaders and emerging prophetic voices” (quote from website)

    I would like to know who exactly is giving them the recognition they proclaim to have. I am a christian, have been living in Brisbane for most of my life and I have never even heard of them. Clearly when you run a church, you have the connections to be able to stand up and proclaim that you are now the voice of the Holy Spirit for this nation.

    I reject this group and their stand on the basis that they are not instituted by God but by themselves. God has given us His word to know the truth and His Holy Spirit to witness within us whether something is of Him or not. We do not need a ‘council’ of self-appointed men and women to decide for us what is good for us and what is not nor to run a check on every prophecy which comes out of the churches. If they are doing what they are doing within their own denomination well and good for them. I won’t be part of their demonination. But if they are proclaiming that they are the prophetic authority for this nation, then they had best be careful, those who think they stand, lest they fall.

  4. False Prophets. I have sat in one of their churches for a season and I can assure you that the Spirit of the Lord has departed. Woe be to the Pastors who scatter the flock and feed themselves rather than my sheep…sayeth the Lord through Ezekial. Much blood will be required at their hands ….shame on them.

  5. Actually, Katherine Ruonala is credited with setting up the APC some years ago, and while some of the ‘johnny come latelys’ in the photo shoot are self evident, there is one blast from the past who is not.

    Faylene Sparks – formerly Faylene Hill of the Redcliffe COC. She used to be married to the man who drove the Sunday School bus during the regime of Chris and Debbie Gabborit, founders of $chool of the Profits back in the early 1990’s. School of the Profits taught prosperity and confession based Hyper Faith material, but going by the 200+ rusty old bomb cars in the car park each Sunday, it looked like they’d got it all wrong!

    The Redcliffe COC enjoyed the throes of the ‘laughing revival’ back in 1993 under the auspices of travelling evangelist Jill Austin, a false prophet who later on died of cancer. This laughing revival affected the church in such a way that disorder began to appear in people’s lifestyles – even in the behaviour of their children, some of which became increasingly rebellious, while mummy and daddy laughed themselves hoarse.

    Sparks/Hill was apparently told that “no one who aspires to be in the ministry stays married to a bus driver”. She divorced her husband and remarried. Nowadays she dwells on the northern side of the Brisbane River, still well within reach of whatever is left of the COC environs as that is where her roots are – in Latter Rain deception. What came out of the LRM charismatic COC movement was not ‘Pentecostal’ – it was a lot of hype, false manifestations and pastor worship, sprinkled with immorality and false doctrine. Spark’s background in that movement would hardly make your average Bible believing Christian come running to attend their woeful conferences.

    “And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Rev 19:10

    Whatever comes from the Holy Spirit by way of prophetic utterance or inspiration, must lead straight back to Jesus Christ, glorifying Him and highlighting Him as the key figure in all of human history. If anyone seeks to ‘fall at the feet of others in worship’ – eg: pastor worship,, then the Bible rebukes them with this passage. This is idolatry and that is where all of this NAR stuff is heading – it is leading people to worship religious man and all of his fleshly accomplishments, that are mislabeled as “success”. Ultimately it will lead them to destruction. I believe in gifts of the Spirit for today but I take very seriously Matthew 7:22:

    “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?'”
    Notice that Jesus did not deny that they were performing works, His issue with them was that there was no genuine relationship – “I never knew you”.

    They are teaching the lie of the garden of Eden – “you shall be as God…” and Satan will use this idolatrous situation to draw down foolish people into hell. They have taken the broad way that leads to destruction, whereas very few people have chosen to walk along the narrow way, following in their master’s footsteps. “Few there be that find it” Jesus said. Matthew 7:13+

    With people like Faylene on the team, who needs Amanda? For that matter, who needs Katherine Ruonala and her self promoting organisation anyway, which acts as a rubber stamp on everything that we would regard as profane? If Katherine Rounala is relying on the likes of Sparks and Wells to give her some street cred, then her plan has already failed – miserably 🙁

    • As A recent “leaver” of this exact movement (COC Kallangur) I completely concur with what you are saying here. THe Church has changed its name from COC (Christian Outreach Center) to INC (International Network of Churches) with the slogan “Born for More”. Born for more What i ask? anyway the COC redcliffe is now just a satellite church of the Citipointe. There is nothing left of that congregation save the building.

  6. Links to some of these “prophets”:

    http://royreejensen.com.au/ – pastor of a large church in Slacks Creek, southern suburb of the greater Brisbane area. Hyper faith and Latter Rain/NAR teaching happen at this church.
    http://www.glorycitychurch.com.au/ourteam/ – ministry team of the Glory Gathering (aka Glory City Church) under Katherine Rounala (Brisbane’s official female ‘apostle’) in Kelvin Grove, an inner Brisbane city suburb.

    Notice that Rebecca Damianopolous* and Chris Turner are listed as team members. Chris Turner is still listed as the “youth pastor” and is responsible for the establishment and growth of “Glory Houses” – youth meetings especially dedicated to the false NAR teaching and experiences associated with Redding and the local GG ‘school of the Spirit’ ministry at the GG church. He also runs Thursday night outreaches to King George Square, Royal Brisbane Hospital and Southbank alternatively, week about.
    http://www.faylenesparkesministries.com/about/ – a rather sanitized profile, which mentions nothing about her LRM roots or her past dealings with the Redcliffe COC/SOP

    *Sarah Cheesman, who is currently listed on the APC prophet list, was also listed on the GG ministry team last year, as the “prayer pastor” but is not currently listed there this year. She is also the younger sister of Rebecca Damianopolous, who along with her husband are listed as the “worship pastors” at the GG – just thought you’d all like to know some of the ‘connections’.

  7. Just a couple more before I forget:

    Joel Shaw (and his wife Candice.) This link shows him being a keynote speaker at a GG conference late last year (2014) and amongst his then positions, he was billed as the “senior associate leader” (pastor) at the GG. A rather prominent position for one so young. Joel and his wife were business people, who ran a motel in the Chermside area as well as a recording studio on the side. We cannot be sure as to whether they are still engaged in those business ventures, or have left them in the hands of others while they pursue ministry goals.

    Joel also organizes “Outbreak” – a monthly youth initiative where church youth come from all sides of the Brisbane Rive each monthly for the largest, loudest and most exciting people poaching exercise you ever did see. This is how KR does it – she invites the youth to come for a shindig meeting, and then gets her own “lieutenants” to pick off the cream of the crop and offer them junior/trainee leadership roles.

    Note that Joel Shaw also runs the GG’s School of the Supernatural” – where “you get to pay more, to go higher in God” – at least $1800 higher per person for the course. The emperor’s new clothes are starting to look more like a whole wardrobe at that price… 🙂

    For participating in this ‘school’ you get to be an “intern” at the GG or other associated church, for at least one year. In other words, you get to be one of Pastor Katherine’s lackeys – a gopher whose every working moment is at the whim of these false ‘apostles and prophets’ at the Glory Gathering.

    Like many others who now show up in the GG line up, Joel and other young people were poached from other churches, such as Clark Taylor’s ‘Worship Centre’ (now under other leadership as Taylor has retired from his role,) as well as Nexus Church (formerly Northside Christian Family, founded by John Lewis, the man who investigated Frank Houston’s pedophilia allegations).

    Finally, here’s another link that talks about Todd White (a principal speaker at the GG conference last December), who has a number claims in relation to extraordinary supernatural healings occurring during his ministry tours. White, who is billed as an “international evangelist” is also spoken in terms of his film making career in cooperation with up and coming film maker Darren Wilson. He’s also heavily associated with Rheinard Bonke – a German evangelist who has traveled extensively in Africa, for decades.

  8. I see Sasha Alexander from Gold Coast is not in this list…..

  9. Sorry, but I missed James Graham earlier on. This dude took the microphone one Sunday evening and said “if you want to be 10 years younger men, stand up here in front and I’ll pray for you…” Needless to say that by the time I’d left the GG, none of the ten men who went forward had their age reduced. Most of them still had pot bellies and gray hair… ridiculous, and this man calls himself a ‘prophet’???

    Incidentally, he and his wife (name escapes me) were billed as part of Katherine Ruonala’s senior ‘eldership’ in conjunction with herself and her husband Tom… I wonder if that’s still the case, seeing poor old Jame’s mystical powers of reproducing the “fountain of youth”, seemed to be fading away in late 2012?

  10. I totally agree , I know many of these people ,have challenged them myself many times . With them its all about the money , prestige , recognition , self promotion , wealth and fame . It is hard to believe people can still do this today , knowing what the Pharisees did years ago . I would call them modern day soothsayers .
    If you want to find sick , depressed and financially poor people , go to their churches . They suck ordinary people of there lifes work and savings , extract them of their time then spit them out once they start to question what is actually going on .

  11. Glory Gathering update:

    I was at a church function last week, and I just happened to notice out of the cornerof my eye, several of the GG’s “finest” wandering around their newly painted (black) facility over at Kelvin Grove. I even got a few pics of the interior, which has all been shifted around by 90 degrees. (Will email them to you CW 🙂 )

    1.I noticed that ”Prophet” Chris Turner had shaved his beard off (too hot for the summer months) while others were pottering around with sound and video gear, and compiling notes for their ‘$chool of the $upernatural’.

    2. There seemed to be a greater ‘cooperation’ between the GG and the other church that shares the same space between them. New Hope church is being sucked into the NAR stuff, by degrees (deception usually occurs by degrees) but what the pastors there don’t understand, is that the GG only wants their crowd – not them…

    3. I actually saw their “Prophetic Booths” – an area down the back, next to their church cafe, where you can ‘dial a prophecy’ by registering for your own ‘session’ between 03:20 pm and 03:50 pm each Sunday afternoon, just before their 04:00 pm meeting.

    You can check out their website and see how you “book a booth” from their scrolling slide show at the top of the home page:



  12. Patricia KIng Claims responsibility for Eliminating the Ebola Virus from Ghana and Mali

    Here’s another false prophet that talks more about herself than she does about Jesus Christ.

    Field of Dreams Church, Adelaide, November 7 2014, From 34’00” to 38’00” approx

    Here’s a more or less verbatim excerpt from her sermon on November 7 2014, where she claims she eliminated the Ebola virus from Mali and Ghana.

    Ghana did not have an outbreak of Ebola in 2014.

    “Off to Ghana, off to Mali, in May. But, in the meantime, this wicked virus, you know surfaces in the world, the Ebola virus. It’s running rampant and it’s in West Africa. And it starts to hit Ghana and Mali. It’s in West Africa. It starts to hit Ghana and Mali. And just a week and a half ago it’s hit it. It’s become official, and the American government just…said you cannot go into Ghana and Mali and the other nations and come back into the USA…you’ll be quarantined for a minimum of 3 weeks.

    I thought, “This is interesting, what do you do when you have the word of the Lord to go somewhere but then there’s something like that that happens?”… Then the Lord said, ‘What are you going to do about it? then I have this nudge to go and kill the virus, the Ebola virus. So I feel this nudge to transport in the spirit over to Ghana and to Mali to make decrees over the nation regarding its freedom from the Ebola virus.. The Holy Spirit leads me and I go over and start making decrees about the Ebola virus that it is to die.”

    Patrica KIng then continues to imply that SHE is responsible for eliminating Ebola from Ghana and Mali through prayer.

    I’m all for prayer and believe in the power of prayer having personally witnessed the transformative healing power of Jesus Christ myself.

    But Patricia KIng’s claim that Ghana had cases of the Ebola virus in 2014 is patently false. It’s a lie. Ghana has not had an Ebola outbreak in 2014. Ghana has not had a reported confirmed case of Ebola in 2014.Or anytiem inthe last 20 years for that matter.

    Patrica KIng simply invents this stuff to make herself sound good. I think she’s a false prophet.


    ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ John 8.32