Well’s wally words of folly: “Jesus became the woman”?

What is it that we are reading here from Amanda Wells? Not only is she spouting nonsense, she has exposed herself as a fraud. She writes,

“Then the Lord said to me, 1 Corinithians 15 v 46 ‘The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual.’”

In it’s context from 1 Corinthians 42-49, God is talking about our death and resurrection in Christ. Our natural body will one day be “raised a spiritual body” (vs 46). As Christians – we await the day when we see Jesus in glory the day we die.

Amanda on the other hand says, “Brisbane has hosted Riverfire for almost 20 years, and just how they called it Riverfire, what they have declared in the natural is about to take place in the spirit”. But God never said that. Why would God twist His own words and make Himself out to be a liar to prophetically promote such spiritual skybalon?

Amanda Wells writes,

Prophetic Vision For Brisbane 10th April 2015

I had a dream this week and then had a vision in church of the dream in our Friday night service.

In the dream I saw doors open and then down the Brisbane River there was a flood that turned into fire and it touched the whole of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

In the vision I saw two massive transparent blue angels walk to two double doors/ gates.

The blue angels represented those angelic being who are in the presence of the dimension of the Spirit of Might!

The Spirit of Might teaches us how to exercise the supernatural realm of God and to reveal the power of God, the dominion of God and how to exercise it in the world around us and in the spirit realm. He teaches us about the Heavenly places and how to war effectively. He helps and guides us how to behave in the arena of the King and operate as a king and how to do the works of the kingdom.

These angels are there to teach us how to operate in this realm of strength, might, mighty works, miracles, the supernatural, and the power of God.

These angels had also been in the presence the Spirit of Counsel and seemed to be releasing this also.

They stood before two massive doors/ gates and threw them open. It is interesting because to Hebrews the number 2 is the letter Bet which denotes the power of the force of breath (the ru’ah)being spoken from the House of God!

Suddenly a flow of red came through the gates and it flooded the city. The red water suddenly turned to fire, that overtook every house and business, every person and adult and child. Some ran from it and some were immersed in it and once immersed the presence of God permeated the air, the land and sea. It seemed that Brisbane was ablaze with the Holy Spirit, and presence of God… it seemed to become a healed body, its bone structure was strong and coming together and with a new identity…. It was known for its love.

When I looked up what Brisbane meant I was stunned, it means broken bones!

Then the Lord said to me, 1 Corinithians 15 v 46 ‘The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual.’ Brisbane has hosted Riverfire for almost 20 years, and just how they called it Riverfire, what they have declared in the natural is about to take place in the spirit. The glory of God is about to be unleashed, The Blood of Jesus is going to flow even in the streets and bring the city into a season of acceleration. People healed in the streets, miracles will be flowing in the streets and it will be too many to keep track of!

Source: Amanda Wells, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/amanda.wells.5891/posts/731875836932767, 12/04/2015. (Accessed 12/04/2015.)

If that “prophecy” hasn’t got you scratching your brain, this will:

Someone once said to me that in Revelations it doesn’t really say we are Kings and Priests, so I am wrong BUT we have to remember ALL the word backs up scripture if it is correct! The number 7, we thought just meant perfect, thats its lowest meaning, it is the Hebrew letter Zayin and means: Is a weapon, but as it is also crowned with a Vav, it therefore speaks of victory. It is also the light of God. It represents therefore a crowned man (we are kings and priests) who carries a spiritual sword.

Jesus became the woman ( restored her name and therefore identity when He called her woman) SEVENTH man….. He became her King who caused her to now have victory because he crowned her.

I love Hebrew numbers……… back to my workbook LOL

Source: Amanda Wells, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/amanda.wells.5891/posts/731894533597564, 12/04/2015. (Accessed 12/04/2015.)

Is it just us? Does anyone know what on earth Amanda is talking about? “Jesus became the woman”?

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  1. Shalom in the mighty name of Jesus in answer to your question above.
    No I don’t know what she means by this does she imply that Jesus had an operation to change His gender to fit in with the and gay and lesbian brigade? Jesus is not a woman but a man He is in a glorified man’s body in heaven and He will appear in this body at His return. Where and how does she get this by reading 1 Corinthians 15 which is referring to the end of the age and the return of Jesus and the righteous being raised up from their sleep in Christ and those who are alive at His return being caught up and being changed from the mortal to the immortal. How does she get this interpretation? I don’t nor would anyone who knows their bible get this either. This comes from the devil not from the Living God of Israel.

    No what she writes smacks of Cabala Jewish mysticism, she is into numerology she is writing utter nonsense based on twisted ideology more in line with New Age thought and Judaism than on the truth of God’s word.

    What weed is she smoking honestly these latter rain false prophets really love to read into the scriptures that which is not there and they will be given over if not under it already they will be given over to the strong spirit of delusion of 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12 because they love not the truth and it will be God giving them over to this strong spirit of delusion. They will suffer the consequences of being disobedient to the gospel for the Lord will deal with them 2 Thessalonians 1:5-10 this refers to not just the people in the world but to those in the apostate church who are preaching another gospel.

    I totally hate and reject all of this nonsense above. Jesus’ blood will not be flooding the streets of Brisbane or the Brisbane river period. His blood is on the Mercy Seat in heaven and it cleanses sinners who turn to Him in true repentance. They would be better off preaching the true gospel not some muck out of their imagination or from the pit of hell. How they love angels and false lying visions, and Paul writes about these things in Colossians 2:16-23

    He warns about these people not to be taken in by their false visions of angels for they puff people’s imaginations up and this lady is certainly puffed up and fooling people with her folly. Perhaps the blood she saw was the blood of the waters turning literally into blood which will happen at the end of the age before the true Jesus comes back for God does give the evil people blood to drink for their killing of the saints and prophets who believe in Him Revelation 16:1-7.

    There is going to be no great revival the way these false prophets and teachers say there will be there will be a great harvest of souls during the time of the Great Tribulation and this will be through them hearing the true gospel and they through hearing the gospel will repent of their sins and they will wash their robes white through faith in the Lord Jesus and they will be killed for their faith.

    All of she teaches is folly when it doesn’t come to pass see these people will either run away or denounce the faith they once had or turn the true believers in Christ to be killed.

    This woman and others like her are wolves in sheep’s clothing to be avoided at all costs but she is using fine sounding words to deceive and bewitch people especially the use of the numbers and letters of the Hebrew alphabet to make her sound so learned and wise but she is speaking and teaching pure bunk. She knows absolutely nothing and to fill out her nonsense she makes up false visions to get people off side and Paul warns in 1 & 2 Timothy about these people not to be taken in by their endless going on about genealogies or myths for they are old wives tales.

    Not everyone in Australia buys into this nonsense I do have some friends over there who are aware of these things but I also know of others who have been caught up in it too. God is sifting out the tares from the wheat and those who are of God listen to Him and obey His word those who are not will turn itching ears after these false teachers for they like having their ears tickled to their peril. This is not just in Australia but it is world wide this apostasy is growing more and more by the day and it is almost complete.

    The apostasy is the church turning from the light of the true gospel of Christ back to the darkness of paganism and this is becoming move evident as the days go by for paganism is in the churches through various means brought there by the Emergent Seeker friendly church. They have embraced New Age in its fullness on how to seek experiences with God and Catholic mysticism as well through the Desert Fathers and those from the New Apostolic Reformation push a lot of the Catholic mysticism in their books through different Catholic mystics. I know for I have read their books and have since thrown them out. The people to beware of are James Goll, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Bill Johnson and they have their underlings who are over different churches and regions around the world and these people are part of this muck. This woman is part of it for what she says is in the same vein of how these people speak the same words, the same terminology and none of what she says will come to pass at all.

    It is hard to understand let alone make sense of, someone once gave me prophesy by Bob Jones who is now deceased and asked me did I understand it I read it tried to make sense of it but ended up saying no I don’t
    understand it and gave it back. This is more in line with masonry and Cabala which masonry is based on than the true word of God which is simple and easy to understand for those who are willing to understand and who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.

    I believe that Jesus will return to Israel I believe we are part of the native Olive Tree of Israel through Him but I don’t buy into the nutty stuff of the false Hebrew roots movement that this woman obviously must be. The Lord has taught me over the last few years what is of Him and what isn’t from this movment and I have prayed for discernment of spirits so as not to be deceived for it is easy to be deceived. We truly need the gift of discernment of the Holy Spirit which sis sadly lacking in the churches today.

    Blessings in Yeshua (Jesus)
    Jenny Bolton

  2. Why not ask her what she means? Makes sense no? You have the link to her FB page…

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