Want to buy Phil Pringle’s anointed Splat Pen?

Did you want to buy Phil Pringle’s super cheap anointed splat pen?

This is not a joke. This could have been yours for A$550.00. This product is no longer sold.

C3’s Goldstore advertises,

splat pens

 Splat Pen

Featuring signed original artwork by Phil Pringle from his ‘Life Begins’ collection, each individual writing instrument is meticulously hand-crafted and unique. Vibrant works by Phil Pringle wrap each Splat Pen before it is coated, set in resin and finally turned, polished and waxed for the highest quality finish. Complete with a genuine leather pouch, the Splat Pen brings class and creativity to every occasion.

 Inspired by the possibilities of new life and the intricate beauty of nature, enjoy the experience of making your mark with your own Splat Pen. The fountain pen features a top quality German-made two-tone nib with a genuine iridium point for smooth lines and dependable ink flow. The roller-ball has a ceramic tipped Schmidt cartridge for effortless scribing.

Hand-made with the highest quality components, each Splat Pen features rich 22k gold or Black Titanium hand-cast engraved cap and barrel insets, surrounded by brilliant Rhodium plating. The stunning blend of art, insets and accent bands combine to make this distinct pen of unrivalled beauty – a contemporary version of the traditional fine desk pen.

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