Angels on trapeze are bringing miracles to people at C3 Presence Conference?

Are you getting ready to BUY your miracle from Phil and Chris Pringle at this years Presence Conference 2015 Miracle Offering?

Here is a small snippet of Chris Pringle emotionally manipulating people to give their hard earned cash back in 2013.

[Click to download the clip]


“Holy Spirit.

Across this place – we’re going to take a moment to pray. Just close your eyes and just hear what I’m saying.

You know last night when as we began to worship, The Lord with um- Holy Spirit, when Ryan began to lead that song, Holy Spirit I hang on every word you say. I’m not given to ah visions actually but as we began to sing that, I just saw these angels just float into the entertainment centre almost like they were on, um, trapezes with something in their hand and I said to the Lord what are those things, I was a little like ah, holding arrows.

And the Lord said “they are miracles, they are miracles, that I am ready to set free into lives”.

And it’s hearts that are worshiping Him, hearts that are in prayer, hearts that are hungry, hearts that are asking God to do whatever He wants to do in our lives. Hearts that are yielded, as Phil said last night, to the personal lordship of Jesus Christ.

So let’s begin to pray church. Lift up our voices as gustily as we do our praise and let’s just invoke the Holy Spirit, the presence of Jesus to come in to the midst of us. The Lord our God in the midst of us is mighty!

Oh come on let’s lift up our voices in praise!

Jesus, (tongues) oh Lord we’re hungry!

We’re desperate!

Lord we’re lost without You!

Lord you drew us each one out of the deepest sea, oh we’re forever thankful Lord! Oh God oh God! Move in the midst of us. today! That’s our prayer Lord! That you would move in the midst of each one of us Lord so we can affect the world our families our marriages our kids our churches our schools our universities our businesses. Oh thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus – come on let’s praise Him this afternoon. Lift up a mighty shout to Him, Jesus oh you’re magnificent…”

Source: Presence Conference 2013.

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  1. As much as I find this kind of thing nauseating (cue manipulative music, darkened room, plaintive wavering voices and the totally wrong use of tongues) I did not see anything here about wanting cash. Not that I am saying that they don’t do this, its just that this video didn’t show it.

    I also want to point out that she didn’t actually say she say a vision of angels on a trapeze. A lot of these so called prophecies and words I am finding are simply peoples imaginations which are then translated to ‘words’ for the congregation. All it really is is a person who has been emotionally manipulated into a particular feeling of euphoria or ecstacy. Not exactly Paul’s caution to cast down imaginations (or arguments) and every high thing which exalts itself against God and to take every thought captive to Christ.

    More like eastern mysticism than anything else.

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