Presence Conference 2015 HeresyReel: Opening Session – Stephen Furtick

This is one of a series of articles covering the absurdity preached at Presence Conference 2015. We are broadcasting these HeresyReels to discourage people from accepting the messages from the clearly false teachers invited to speak at these C3 Presence Conferences – remember just because they are “popular” does not mean they are legitimate.

In each snippet real, we have blacked out sections to represent a new section. If you do not want to watch the whole thing, please read the section notes below. This means you may want to progress to that section in the video to save you time.

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At Presence Conference 2015, Stephen Furtick preached first on opening night. Watch him here:

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DISCLAIMER: These are notes. Feel free to discuss or correct any errors you may see in the below sections. Furthermore, it is up to C3 to publish these sessions if people are insisting that we are taking “teachers” out of context. We were shut down by these types of “churches” on YouTube for putting up entire sermons so that people could see what was said in context. However, if you browse the content in these Presence Conference sessions it should be evident that there is lot of bible twisting. So please see the overall picture before accusing us of taking one snippet out of context.

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SECTION 1: Phil Pringle launches session into advertising Darlene Zschech’s latest album. Pringle alerts crowd to Darlene’s presence and says she will speak the next day on her fight with cancer. Phil plugs Chris Pringle session on Friday and says that his church helped with the recording of Darlene Zschech’s latest album.

SECTION 2: Pringle’s slip of the tongue. Says he wants Israel Houghton to sing a “party song for us” and then corrects himself. Note: A worship song is very different to a party song. Worship leaders are to lead us into worship and are not meant to sing for us. Says a lot about how Pringle sees worship in his services these days. Pringle flatterpuffs Houghton and hugs him awkwardly. “We could be bro’s.”

SECTION 3: Introduces Steven Furtick and lays out his classy accomplishments.

SECTION 4: Furtick rev’s crowd to shout how much they love Phil and Chris Pringle.

SECTION 5: Furtick gets everyone to say “We made it to the river” and hypes them up through repeating nonsensical mantras and concepts. (Notice he is capitalizing on the marketing ploy of the Holy Spirit in the Presence Conference “There is a river”.) Flatterpuffs band.

SECTION 6: Furtick flatterpuffs Pringle. Makes anacronym from PRINGLE:

  • Prophetic,
  • Revelatory,
  • Inspirations,
  • Nice,
  • Genius,
  • Life-giving,
  • Empower

“He is the man! He is the man which started 3 churches while you were having breakfast this morning.”

SECTION 7: Furtick flatterpuffs C3 Church Global and says he wants to “give honor to global network of [C3] churches.”

SECTION 8: *Important to note!* Furtick says his new favorite bible character is Jacob.(See Section 13.)

SECTION 9: Makes a questionable comment about Jacob being old and God being slack to an old man.

SECTION 10: Makes the Genesis account about you listening to Furtick.

SECTION 11: Narcigetes Isaac’s wife music. (Chewbacca baby) prayer.

SECTION 12: Narcigetes Esau to mean life will name you what you like but God doesn’t name you the way the world does.

SECTION 13: Furtick’s Diotrephes complex emerges. Creepiest moment in sermon. Furtick’s personal testimony is rather creepy. Audience laugh at one point thinking that Furtick is joking – but hush when Furtick discloses his creepy relationship with children and how they only want to hug him first to beat the other one. Reveals he thinks God wants him to have the most followers on Instagram? He says God asked him to ask everyone at Presence Conference: “What are you reaching for?”

SECTION 14: Narcigetes the bowl of soup to mean you have got to be careful what you get around with when you’re hungry.

SECTION 15: Butchers his Narcigesis: teaches that Jacob did not receive the blessing from Isaac but got it at the Jabbok “God can’t bless Jacob dressed like Esau!” But he got blessed by God through the means of Isaac’s blessing.

SECTION 16: Furtick narcigetes God wrestling Jacob and Jacob’s life again.

SECTION 17: “Touch somebody and say get grabbed.” Has some truth that God won’t let go of Jacob.

SECTION 18: Furtick narcigetes Jacob’s gifts to Esau.

SECTION 19: Furtick narcigetes Jacob’s expectations. Instead of meeting his brother he meets God to people at Presence. “Did you know you can meet God but never meet you?”

SECTION 20:. Narcigetes Gen 32:26 (NIV) about your dreams and visions. Isaac: “What’s your name?” God: “What’s your name?” I am Jacob. (Furtick’s confession: “I have multiple versions of me.”)

SECTION 21: “God loves frustrated Furtick. Jacked up. Messed up. He loves the real me. Yes he does.”

SECTION 22: “God likes me like this.” (Attempts to rev crowds again.) God gave Jacob a new name- “Aren’t you glad he’s given you a new one?”

SECTION 23: Israel means, “Triumphant with God?” Furtick attempts to narcigete the name Israel in his error.

SECTION 24: Furtick lies about what God says in this passage. God says nothing to Jacob about his potential. Furtick then attempts to narcigete his own mythology. God “came to not show who He he was but who Jacob was”.

SECTION 25: Jabbok supposedly means “emptying.” Narcigetes badly translated river name and tries to tie it into the theme of the Presence Conference, “There is a river”. Furtick proceeds to mangle Jesus’ words in John 4 and then narcigetes it to mean that people at Presence Conference need to “empty themselves” to be that river or to get in something bigger.

SECTION 26: Springboards into what God said to Moses to what God said to Furtick to go tell “Presence Conference. Thus becoming a prophet and saying absolutely nothing but hype.

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