C3 Presence Conference 2015 HeresyReel: Day 1 Session 4 – Phil Pringle

This is one of a series of articles covering the absurdity preached at Presence Conference 2015. We are broadcasting these HeresyReels to discourage you from accepting the messages from the clearly false teachers invited to speak at these C3 Presence Conferences  –  remember, just because they are “popular” does not mean they are legitimate.

In each snippet reel, we have blacked out sections to represent a new section. If you do not want to watch the whole thing, please read the sections we summarise below. This means you may want to progress to that section in the video to save time.

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At Presence Conference 2015, Stephen Furtick preached first on opening night. Watch him here:

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DISCLAIMER: These are notes. Feel free to discuss or correct any errors you may see in the sections below. Furthermore, it is up to C3 to publish these sessions if people are insisting that we are taking “teachers” out of context. We were shut down by these types of “churches” on YouTube for putting up entire sermons so that people could see what was said in context. However, if you browse the content in these Presence Conference sessions it should be evident that there is lot of bible twisting. So please see the overall picture before accusing us of taking one snippet out of context.

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SECTION 1: Comments about how cool churches lack religious images. Plugs his daughters “PK (Pastors Kids) Session”). Plugs C3 merchandise and is showcasing his own painted cross. (2:10) Mocks critics after gaslighting people into buying his merchandise. (However, it appears he may be mocking his own C3 Constitution which states “You shall not use or allow the pulpit to be used to: a) promote commercial ventures; b) promote political beliefs; c) do anything of a lewd, corrupt or heretical nature; d) to vent personal needs, injustices, angers or business ventures.“)

SECTION 2: *PRINGLE’S SHEEPSKIN 1* Pringle says that just like Paul he wants to know nothing more than Christ and Him crucified (CAHC). If he does not focus on CAHC, Pringle rightly says that other knowledge fogs and clouds the message. Let’s use this statement agains the rest of his message. Is this true? Does his message reflect the idea that Phil Pringle only wants to know Christ and Him crucified? How much does he reveal how much he knows about CAHC? is that his focus?

“And I found that churches and Christians so easily get distracted from the one thing that really, really matters. Because it is an insult to your intelligence to be that simple. To think that it could be just about one man in the history of the world… And I am hear tonight to point you to none other than the Lord Jesus Christ as being the answer.”

And in the same breath shuts the kingdom of God in people’s faces by not preaching Christ crucified.


“I gotta tell you, the Holy Spirit would be offended if we put Him at the center. He has come for one reason and that is to testify and to glorify and to magnify Jesus Christ. “

SECTION 4: Narcigetes the historical account of Elizabeth meeting Mary.

“Something leaps inside of you when you meet a person who is divinely destined to assist you in your assignment. Thirty years later, John and Jesus are doing something that will change the world.”

(Pringle is defaulting to preaching not Christ but YOU when in fact that scripture is about John the Baptist pointing his first witness (his mother) to Jesus. And no – Jesus and John were not attempting to change the world but to save the world.)

[Continued] “And if that relationship had been destroyed or damaged on the way through who knows what could have happened.

And that is blasphemy.

SECTION 5: Pringle reveals that his authority is in man not God:

“I am the person that I am today, not because of me but because of thousands of people. All these volunteers here. The heroes of this conference are the volunteers.”

This is not only revealing, it is also a lie. Those “thousands of people” are mainly C3 college students who are forced to serve the Presence Conference because their courses make Presence Conference compulsary to serve in. And we know first hand that Pringle is ropable if he does not get the professional standard he wants from certain students at his Presence Conference.

“They are the people who are in the carpark. They are out there doing there things and they’ve got something that leapt on the inside of them and say, “I want to be part of a divine purpose”.

This is a lie again. Some students are passing to complete their ministry training hours assessment. It’s also a blasphemous suggestion to convince people that your conference is part of God’s “divine purpose”. This is a type of teaching cults teach.

Then Pringle is preaching about you and your dreams and how to keep your dreams alive. (He is not preaching Christ and Him crucified.)

Notice: The ‘river’ is now people “flowing in our lives”. It is no longer the Spirit of God.


“Miracles are about to flow like a river in here in ten minutes. I would maybe have a hundred miracles on the inside of me tonight that are ready to be released. I literally feel them on the inside of me like – jumping around kinda saying, “Get to it! Get to it!”

“And if you are looking for a mira- I know this! There are couples here tonight who cannot have children. We’re going to pray for you and within twelve months, you’ll have children. You’ll have babies.”

Pringle deliberately drops pinkles:

“I’m not good at a lot of things but I’m good at that. I don’t know how to say that but I’ve got babies all over the world.”

SECTION 7: Describes unbiblical characteristics of Adam and Eve: “… human beings of God. Magnificently standing. Glorious. Clothed with light. Intelligence beyond any thought we could have. Living in sheer glory and presence of God.

SECTION 8: *PRINGLE’S SHEEPSKIN 3* Performs his recital gimmick to amp people up to get ready to receive from God. Musicians are rehearsed to psych crowds up to Pringle’s gimmick.

SECTION 9: Gets up women to pray for them to have babies. (Accidentally knocks cross off the platform.) 

SECTION 10: Randomly calls out to a middle aged woman (someone invisible person out there in the audience) to get her “very bad right hip” healed.

SECTION 11: Pringle encourages people to, “Come with me on a journey into the miraculous”.

“You’ll never find a God that performs ‘convenient miracles’ or even dignified ones.”

SECTION 12: Prophesies on a man saying “You will make a lot of money”. But God fails to communicate logically in this prophecy (see below).

Prophecy: “I see you in a room of politicians. You’re talking to them about passing laws… And in the name of Jesus, you’ll declare what he is showing you. And you will not be afraid to mention the name of Jesus. That name opens every door. That name is the door!”

“Babies. I pray for four babies in Jesus name.”

SECTION 13: Pringle parallels the woman on stage coming to himself to the women having an issue with blood coming to Jesus. It is interesting watching how Pringle wiggles out of the comparison he just made. (Would the Holy Spirit who is supposedly in Phil Pringle honestly say something so grossly out of line? Isn’t the Spirit meant to point people to Jesus – not Phil Pringle? Why is this the Phil Pringle show?)

SECTION 14: Pringle tries to rev crowd through irrational logic.

SECTION 15: Pringle says he wants people to raise their spiritual stamina and says that he wants people to see him as their own “personal spiritual trainer here”.

“There is a river in this room right here. If we just open up right here.”

What is this foggy teaching? Is he pointing people to Jesus or this people/dreamy/miracle-centered river? Or is he pointing people to the river of Phil Pringle where you can receive hundreds of miracles from his river?

SECTION 16: A woman he blows on gets overwhelmed, upset and can’t communicate why she’s crying out of control. Pringle tries to guess what on earth is wrong with her, says flimsy words and moves on.

SECTION 17: Prays over women, raises hands over her and talks about an operation she is going to receive on Monday and then declares “maybe not”. Declares healing over her. Casts out sickness and demons: “I rebuke every spirit out of this woman’s life. Get out! Loose her!”

SECTION 18: Asks young people to come up for healing if they have “problem with both [their] ankles ankles” (“more on the right one then the left one”). He says this person may have difficulty walking or running. Pringle tells them to quickly get up on the stage or he’ll move. Could the Holy Spirit be any more insensitive?

SECTION 19: Pringle gives us insight how he knows people are incredibly desperate to receive healings from incurable healings in his meetings.

“And some people have a problem with the supernatural and miracles. I don’t know why. Because it’s probably because you haven’t been sick yet with an incurable disease. It’s probably because you’re still pretty healthy. But if you’re sick, it really matters. These people have got a problem here.”

However, the people behind him have sore ankles. Harshly pushed people down with bad ankles and they seem to fall painfully fast. One girl who stays standing Pringle says to bash her ankles together to get healed and says, “You got about a twenty per cent miracle”.

So much for Pringle’s god performing “convenient miracles”.

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  1. “We’re going to pray for you and within twelve months, you’ll have children. You’ll have babies.” Why not nine months? Ye of little faith.

    “A woman he blows on gets overwhelmed, upset and can’t communicate why she’s crying out of control.” The blower had bad breath?

    “You got about a twenty per cent miracle”. Jesus never said ‘okay hobble away you’re a little bit healed’.

  2. That’s not Steve Furtick preaching.

  3. You are incorrect sir, there is an instance where it took Jesus a couple tries to finish a healing. See Mk 8:22-25. I’d call that first try maybe a 50% miracle since the guy could only see shapes at first.

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