Jordan Hall calls out Brian Houston & Carl Lentz as liars and Hillsong for not being a church

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Jordan Hall rightly calls out the bullying, the lies and disgusting slander Carl Lentz and Brian Houston pulled on Christianity in this below episode of Pulpit&Pen.

Hall played the audio of Brian Houston the previous year, exposing the fact that Houston lied in his recent media statement in regards to the Broadway Couple’s sexual status and Hillsong leadership status. Hall then reads out the Religious News Service story that only acted as a propaganda piece to further Hillsong and allow Carl Lentz to launch a disgraceful, slanderous and malicious attack on Christian churches who do not align themselves to the Hillsong way of doing church (40:00).

Carl Lentz maliciously slandering Christian churches like his leader

Carl Lentz maliciously slandering Christian churches like his leader.

Jordan Hall points out how Carl Lentz falsely accuses the Christian church for killing homosexuals. And how Carl Lentz then uses this disgraceful attack to imply that these churches are not churches at all.

Pulpit & Pen report:

Podcast: Mohler Discusses Openly Secular – Awkward

[Link to download podcast]

In today’s episode of Pulpit & Pen, JD answers a few sincere questions and then plays audio from Albert Mohler discussing Openly Secular’s role in a football star “coming out of the closet” as an atheist – which his colleague, SEBTS President Danny Akin endorsed. Awkward. Then, JD discusses Hillsong’s “smoking gun” and attempts to sanitize Hillsong’s Downgrade.

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Source: Jordan Hall, Podcast: Mohler Discusses Openly Secular – Awkward, Pulpit&Pen,, Published 11/08/2015. (Accessed 24/08/2015.)

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