For a long time we have been researching and monitoring those involved in the Elijah List. What is the Elijah List? Read more here:

What is the Elijah List & who is Steve Shultz?

To our “surprise”, we stumbled upon a “prophet” that is knowingly committing highly unethical behaviour.

In fact, their behavior is so bad, when we do expose who they are, it is highly possible the police may arrest and press charges against them.

So rather than say the Culprit in the Pulpit’s name, we thought it was worth giving the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and Elijah List “prophets” a chance at trying to prophetically expose the fraud in their ranks. Once the Culprit in the Pulpit’s sins are made public, their offenses will not only shame their church, their sins will shame many “prophets” on the Elijah List.

So we present to you the game…



1. If you are in the list of false prophets, your job is to seek God and prophesy PUBLICLY who this malicious wolf among the ranks is. (No cheating now! Don’t be a heresy hunter and use the internet! Use your self-proclaiming prophetic powers to expose this dangerous person!)

2. If you’re an every day Joe, then the internet is yours! Now’s your chance to guess the fraud and false prophet among the Elijah List! To make your challenge easy, every few weeks we will be giving you a new clue on this page

3. Email who you think it is. All submissions need to be in by Reformation Day (October 31st, 2015). We will reveal the CORRECT answer publicly around November this year (2015). We will email the winners after the public announcement.


The first five people who get the answer right will get a special Fighting for the Faith T-shirt.

Elijah List Guess Who Culprit in the Pulpit Shirt Prizes


So now is your chance to show just how skilled you are as a biblical HERESY HUNTER! So you can try to guess who the wolf is, below will be a growing list of up to 20 clues.

CLUE 1: They are a false prophet.
CLUE 2: They say they have written a number of books.
CLUE 3: This person shares their personal visions and dreams in writing and in the pulpit.
CLUE 4: They plagiarise other people from the Elijah List and around the internet.

CLUE 5: Elimination round: See below to see who is NOT the culprit.

CLUE 6: They have toured many countries and spoken at many churches.
CLUE 7: They often preach the Prosperity Gospel (See Flag Factionary).
CLUE 8: Whisper: They see dead people!
CLUE 9: They are over 35 years old.
CLUE 10: They have been racist in the pulpit.
CLUE 11: This person is still married.
CLUE 12: They claim to carry different anointings.
CLUE 13: They preach the Word of Faith gospel (See Flag Factionary)
CLUE 14: They’ve been reviewed on Fighting for the Faith.

CLUE 15: Elimination round: See below to see who is NOT the culprit.

CLUE 16: They promote their ‘heavenly tourism’ experiences.
CLUE 17: This person promotes women to be in pastoral positions.
CLUE 18: Since starting GUESS WHO? ELIJAH LIST CHALLENGE, this person is STILL plagiarising people’s work.
CLUE 19: They have reinvented their past on numerous occasions.

CLUE 20: After researching everyone on the Elijah List Challenge, all the Elijah List contestants should KNOW who the Culprit in the Pulpit is.

(We have also reached out to these people and we KNOW people on the Elijah List are trying to ignore us! “Many people in the body have a very small God.” “I ignore it and won’t look at it. I don’t let that garbage in my soul.”)

CLUE 21: We have had discourse with the Culprit in the Pulpit. They seem to have been removing posts from their Facebook account.
CLUE 22: We will be announcing who the Culprit in the Pulpit is while they are speaking at a Conference.
CLUE 23: We will be alerting the Culprit in the Pulpit that they ARE the culprit in the pulpit so they can repent and turn themselves in. If they do NOT reply to our message, we will take that as a sign they are going ahead with their Conference speaking engagement.
CLUE 24: Before announcing the Culprit in the Pulpit, we will be giving the name of the Culprit in the Pulpit to prominent people on the Elijah List to call them out, to see if these prominant people really consider themselves to be a genuine “Prophet of God”.
CLUE 25: A website has recently started up exposing their sins.

Eliminated: Faith Marie Baczko, John Belt, Bill & Marsha Burns, Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, Dennis Cramer, Daryl Crawford-Marshall, Jennifer Eivaz, Sean Feucht, Kim Hadaway, Richard Hanson, Chris Hoff, Jeff Jansen, James Maloney, JoAnn McFatter, Stephen Porter, Ivan Roman, Charlie & Brynn Shamp, Cathy Shephard-Wilhem, Adam Thompson, Crystal Wade, Connie Williams.Wendy Alec, Faith Marie Baczko, John Belt, Avner Bosket, Valerie Britton, Bill & Marsha Burns, Jeremy Caris, Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, Wendy Christie, Dennis Cramer, Daryl Crawford-Marshall, Jeffrey Daley, Jennifer Eivaz, Anne Elmer, Sean Feucht, Eileen Fisher, Troy Goode, Kim Hadaway, Richard Hanson, Bob Hartley, Chris Hoff, Luke Holter, Jeff Jansen, Bob & Bonnie Jones, James Maloney, Warwick Marsh, JoAnn McFatter, Joy Parrott, Theresa Phillips, Stephen Porter, Paulette Reed, Ivan Roman, Steve Scroggs, Charlie & Brynn Shamp, Cathy Shephard-Wilhem, Kent Simpson, Elaine Tavolacci, Adam Thompson, Persis Tiner, Crystal Wade, Arleen Westerhof, Connie Williams.



In alphabetical order, these are the GuessWho? cards you can choose from. Who is the devious Culprit in the Pulpit?

[UPDATE 02/09/2015: Some browsers did not support the below layout.
Click on the image to enlarge the names on the cards.]


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31 replies

  1. “The shirt is free, however you will need to pay the shipping and handling fee.”

    A prize the winner has to pay for? I’ve have never seen that before. Ever.

    Something “free” that requires a shipping and handling fee are the tactics used by dodgy infomercials.

    The Elijah List spam I have been sent is all end of days lunacy.

  2. Hello again newtaste.

    There are plenty of legit companies that give away their merchandise for free and ask for customers to pay for the shipping and handling fees because it goes straight to whichever mailing service is being used to deliver the merchandise. Here’s an example for you:

  3. Is Kim Hadaway a Sith Lord?

  4. Forget about the teeshirt CW – I’ll just take the boat that’s on it an “Endeavour” to steer a steady course home…

    Oh, and Newtaste, maybe some of your gravatar images could make good silk screened fundraisers when Brian runs out of ideas – and money…

  5. And now to the competition quiz question – ‘who is he false prophet?’ Well, that’s easy – ALL OF THEM!!!

  6. Trick question. The correct answer is “All of them.”

  7. But look at all those smiles, they are the twilight zone morphs walking as fruits ans nuts!!!!!

  8. Well put Apollo! A Wall of Shame indeed!

  9. New clue out for the Elijah List Challenge. The clues are designed to encourage people to research the false prophets. We are getting a lot of guesses. Keep them coming.

  10. Yes, CW – what is the clue and where is it posted…?

  11. Newtaste, I think you would look much better in those shirts that have black and white stripes on them…

    OK: second guess…Hmmm, how about “Dutch Sheets”? I see that he has a brother called ‘Tim Sheets’, and a sister named ‘Bed Sheets’… No point asking what’s going on at their ministry – it’s all covered up by the ‘Sheets’… 🙂

  12. 2nd question clarification:
    *say* they have written, or *have* written I.e. published books (which were sold), not free books/ websites?

  13. was the fraud committed in a Fuller Conference Room with a Voodoo Stick?
    No? On a “Mission Trip” to Belize with a Cocktail Umbrella? okay, I give up.. 😉

  14. Or perhaps it was committed on a bus tripfrom Darlinghurst to the northern beaches, with a walking stick… 🙂

  15. I do not see Wayne Alcorn on the list??

  16. Just in case you’re wondering folks, Wayne Alcorn (if it’s the same one @peter is talking about) is/was the leader of BCC – Brisbane City Church, which used to be an AOG in Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley.
    Meetings were held in the former ‘Glad Tidings Tabernacle’ site, which began as a tent outreach before WW2.

    To their credit, they put on a free lunch every Wednesday for many years (I attended one once, as an ‘observer’). The pastoral team there showed much love to the street people and other needy souls, who came along for a short meeting, and a long lunch. Practical necessities were also given out to those in most need as well.

    The Alfred Street building was gutted by fire back in the early 2000’s and the site was sold for millions, with the congegation moving to an old converted warehouse facility in Albion, to the north of Brisbane City proper. Since moving (or even just before moving) BCC adopted a much more ‘seeker sensitive’ approach to newcommers, and most of their old welfare programs disappeared from public view…

    Wayne Alcorn reportedly came up through the ranks of youth and young adults type leadership roles, and not only attained the senior pastor’s role at BCC, but also gained the national chairmanship of the ACC at one stage. I’m not sure as to whether he is still in that role today…

  17. Hi folks – I’ve just pinged Wayne Alcorn’s new website – they are no longer called BCC – they now go under the heading od “Hope Centre” and are spread out in half a dozen or so locations… Fortunately my memory is still intact as to the more importan historical details of this ‘chain store’ group of churches:

  18. Cool cards. We could cut those up and play a nice game of rummy.

    Then again, that might be tough with a deck full of jokers.

  19. Jonathon, the best ‘game of cards’ is UNO…

    UNO that Brian is a false prophet

    UNO that his ‘gospel’ cannot save

    UNO that he’s taking many people with him to hell

    UNO that no matter how sharp our detractors are, the sword of the Lord is sharper still…

    UNO there are no jokers in a UNO deck, only wild cards…

    UNO that it takes twice as many cards to play the game of UNO (more or less)

  20. UNO that Fergie is Doctor Evil.
    UNO that Apollo is Mini Me.

  21. If you tune into Fighting for the Faith, you will be hearing the next clues. We are emailing them to Rosebrough and he may read them out. If he doesn’t, we will keep posting them up here.

    We are also aware that we did not got get all of the Elijah List false prophets on the website. We may add more after this game is finished. If we missed one, please comment.

  22. The next clue is out. This should spice up the game a bit more and encourage people to research the Elijah List more!

  23. Clue seven is now out.

  24. “We are also aware that we did not got get all of the Elijah List false prophets on the website. We may add more after this game is finished. If we missed one, please comment.”

    Here are some more false ‘prophets’ putting their ‘words’ on Elijah List:

    Joni Ames (Joni Faith Fasekas)
    Bobby Conner
    Mary Glazier
    Mornay Johnson
    Craig Kinsley
    Gary Oates
    Tom Panich
    John Sandford

    There are still many others…

  25. The second suspect looks like Barbra Streisand, the fifth looks like Chris Rosebrough, the eleventh looks like one of the guys on Mythbusters, and the fourteenth looks like Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Great look-a-like contest.

  26. Oohhhh! I’m too late!

    Well, I just listened to Chris Rosebrough’s review of Amanda Wells’ a-rhythmic, non-nonsensical screetchings. That was Thursdays F4F episode. Then, at the start of the Friday Episode, Oct 30, he was reading the clues and I think he said “she.” So much of the clues sounded like what I just heard on the 29th’s episode.

    My guess, if it’s not too late (it is), is Amanda Wells, just based on the content of one sermon review.

  27. All guesses MUST be emailed to us at Guesses here will be put in moderation.


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