“Pastor” Sun Ho ordained recently as… a Pastor? Again?

Recently, Sun Ho was ordained in City Harvest Church as a ‘pastor’. (Even though the bible teaches that a woman can not be a pastor.)

Sun Ho ordained CHC pastor

It appears one commenter accidentally exposed the façade of Sun Ho’s ordination:

Great to be able to call you pastor again…”

Source: Kelvin Xu, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/sunhomusic/photos/a.110250757743.126347.67964042743/10153574524212744/?type=1&comment_id=10153574604617744&offset=0&total_comments=5&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R3%22%7D, Published 25/08/2015. (Accessed 29/08/2015.)


If you click on the above thumbnail screengrab it becomes apparent that other commenters were completely duped by CHC’s stunt. Why is this a stunt?

Back in 2009, in response to Sun Ho’s outrageous ‘China Wine’ music video, Kong Hee slammed Christians and ministers who spoke against Pastor Sun’s behaviour in her China Wine clip.

Kong wrote,

“In 2007, my wife Sun released a music video of the hit single, “China Wine,” . . . the video also raised quite a few eyebrows within the religious fraternity who felt it was inappropriate for a Christian to be featured in a dance video.

Although Sun is married to me, she herself was never formally ordained as a minister. She never felt gifted with a pulpit ministry. . . Yet, in spite of all her secular and creative achievements, many conservative pastors find it hard to accept Sun in any role outside of church ministry. But the reality is that she is no longer a church staff or a gospel singer. She doesn’t work for any religious organization.

As a professional artist, Sun has to take on many dramatic stage personas. This is what entertainers do. In the “China Wine” video, she happens to be acting in one such role. . . I think the struggle many pastors have is the difficulty to separate her association with me (as a pastor’ wife) and her career as a singer. I agree that if she is a “pastor” or “preacher,” perhaps the video would have been inappropriate. But Sun is not a pastor. She is an entertainer. All her music videos were not produced by the church but by her secular music label, the company that she is working for.” [Source]

However, Kong Hee publicly lied. We have documented on numerous occasions where Sun Ho is recognised as a Pastor inside and outside of CHC:

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What Is Sun Ho’s Position At CHC?

It appears that Nathan Avidan’s prediction is right. When Kong Hee falls, Sun Ho will be stepping into his position.

Breath-taking interview with ex-CHC insider

It is our opinion that the ordination is nothing but a visually deceptive stunt to con people to stay under CHC’s “new” celebrity “pastor”, Sun Ho. Seeing her lead, the people will not forget Kong Hee and will easily fall for anything that she tells them to believe.

Sadly, this ordination has just publicly exposed and condemned CHC further as an anti-Christian cult. One that rejects God’s Word (it teaches CLEARLY that women are not to be pastors) and one that completely disregards the requirements of what it means to be a Christian and a minister. If CHC wants to embrace Sun Ho as their ‘pastor’, then hide your kids. Hide your wives. You couldn’t get a church with more opprobrious moral and ethical standards when its pastor gyrates half naked in night clubs with the alias ‘Geisha’ and singing about how they want to kill their partner.

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