Exposing the New Apostolic Reformation’s false ecclesia & false leadership

Chris Rosebrough has done a series of Fighting for the Faith programs analysing the key features of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult (aka Christian Taliban). The first radio broadcast analysed the NAR Seven Mountain mandate teaching and their false gospel which they call ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’.


The New Apostolic Reformation is a cult that emerged from the New Order of the Latter Rain revival in 1948, spearheaded by a number of individuals, specifically William Marrion Branham. For the last few decades it has been recognized as being led by Charles Peter Wagner.

The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

The New Apostolic Reformation cult preach a false Jesus, false gospel and New Age metaphysical teachings and strategies in an attempt to bring heaven to earth.

In this second episode, Chris Rosebrough looks at the NAR’s top Apostle and Leader, Charles Peter Wagner. Chris Rosebrough refutes Peter Wagner’s protest that the NAR is not a cult by using Wagner’s own words against him.

After hearing Peter Wagner out, Rosebrough points out how the authority, the church (and the new spiritual gifts /strategies/teachings) of the New Apostolic Reformation is not even closely modeled off Christianity, thus nullifying Wagner’s fallacious protest.

From Fighting for the Faith,

C. Peter Wagner’s Dominionism

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Program segments:

• C. Peter Wagner’s Dominionism

Source: Chris Rosebrough, C. Peter Wagner’s Dominionism, Fighting for the Faith, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2015/09/c-peter-wagners-dominionism.html, Published 24/09/2015. (Accessed 25/09/2015.)

Below we also look at what Chris Rosebrough covered on Wagner.

We thought it was worth doing this so Christians can RECOGNISE the NAR ideas and language.

SEGMENT 1: Rosebrough reads Wagner’s article on the NAR in Charisma Magazine:

When Peter is the Wolf – Wagner protests that the NAR is not a cult or “America’s Taliban”

SEGMENT 2: Quote from Cindy Jacobs (emphasis ours):

“I say this every time but it’s so true it is my privilege to introduce Dr. C. Peter Wagner, my mentor, the father to so many of us Christian leaders in the world it’s also myself. Many people that God has allowed us to go around the world. He has written 72 books that are in languages across the face of the earth. He has started whole movements. I could name movement after movement. He has a gift of when Christian leaders are not being received. He just stands alongside of them.

And Peter, you can’t hear this part, but I think there’s a book written on the 360 something most influential people in the whole world, in the whole world, not Christian leaders, and he is in that book. Amen. And so, we’re so honored. He is the founding president of Global Harvest Ministries, the Network Strategic Groups of Apostles Province Deliverance Ministries and Educators who equip the body of Christ through conferences, seminars, literature, and other media. He serves as the chancellor of the Wagner Leadership Institute with seven schools in the U.S. Oh, this has got to be old, there is many many schools around the world, maybe you want to talk about that. He has invited John Whimber to come to Fuller Theological Seminary that began the movement of healing that is mainstreamed across the face of the Earth. We are privileged and we are honored. I want you to stand up to receive one of the mightiest men of God on the face of the Earth, Dr. Peter Wagner.”

SEGMENT 3: Quote from Peter Wagner (emphasis ours):

“Okay now there are a- first of all I want to repeat something. You don’t have write it down because you already have it in your notes. But I want to remind you that the New Apostolic Reformation is the most radical change in the way of doing church since the Protestant Reformation. That’s what we’re dealing with. That’s what we’re springing off into the 21st century with…

[…] The New Apostolic is the only megablock growing “faster than the world population and faster than Islam.”



“So the New Apostolic Reformation is faster than Islam. Yeah. That doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. In fact, it kinda creeps me out if you ask me. […] So you kinda got the idea. He definitely separates his movement from Christianity and goes on to really make the point that they’re growing faster than Islam. That’s kind of a fascinating way to look at these things, if you would.” – Chris Rosebrough, 18:50

SEGMENT 4: Quote from Peter Wagner promoting New Apostolic era of warfare in Seoul, Korea 1997 (emphasis ours):

“And I think that is completing what is putting the body of Christ in the place where God can best use it. And now God can trust us with assignments of spiritual warfare that he was not able to entrust us before. So that’s why spiritual warfare is so important now. Probably 10 years ago we would not have had a seminar on Spiritual warfare. Because God hadn’t brought it to the place where he could entrust us with that. But now we do. And so number one says the reality of spiritual warfare.”


“You so, um- how is this supposed to prove that the NAR is not a cult? New language; new ways of doing church; new apostles; and apparently new revelations pertaining to spiritual warfare.” – Chris Rosebrough, 21:38

SEGMENT 5: Quote from Wagner promoting promotes New Apostolic Age starting in 2001 & 7MM (emphasis ours):

The year 2001, open the second apostolic age, the government of the church is now in place, we’re aligning with apostles and prophets, and this war that we’re in that we have talked about has two fronts. It has a spiritual front, and it has a natural front. This is spiritual warfare we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but we wrestle against principalities and powers, that’s the spiritual front but we better not stay there. We’d better bring it down to the natural front and that’s what all the dancing is- Roger’s going to talk about we’re going to talk about bringing it to Earth and this is a new cutting edge for this generation. God is revealing powerful concepts for us which I don’t have time to explain.

Some of you will know what I’m talking about and if you don’t you’re going to hear about them real soon. Or get my book called, “Dominion.” We’re all out now I even had to give my copy away. But get my book “Dominion,” and a lot of this is spelled out. But one of the things God has given us is the Seven M mandate regarding the seven mountains. No time to explain it. He’s given us the teaching of the church in the workplace, which Chuck referred to during the ordination. And this is extremely important. He’s given us the teaching of having of knowing he’s placed apostles in the workplace, not just in the nuclear church. And he’s also given us revelation of the crucial roll of wealth…”


“This is a very strange and peculiar set of doctrines. Although he claims they’re not a cult, yet never in the history of Christianity has Christianity believed these doctrines. Where did they get them from? Well they claim they received them via direct revelation from God Himself.” 24:30

SEGMENT 6: Quote from Wagner’s theology on war (emphasis ours):

“Let me give you one more point. We must reject anti-war movements. We must reject anti-war movements. And I hate to report it, well, I hate to report that one of the things that’s slowing us down in the war of Iraq is anti-war movements. I remember Vietnam, don’t you? I mean, you know who helped, cuz, it was the first war that we ever lost. You know what helped us lose that war? Jane Fanda. And now she’s been changed back, she’s been converted and everything since but I’m telling you- I mean, but some of the influence she had in the anti-war movement, she didn’t help America she helped the enemy. See? And, we can’t put up with this in spiritual warfare. We can’t put up with it with anti-war movements. And um, it’s, there are some, I hate to report it. There are some people who are against war. And um, I think that should stop.

[01:08-2:07] I think the whole body of Christ needs to get on the page that we are in war. There are some people who are against strategic level spiritual warfare. Remember what I said that is? Principalities and power. And there are some people who are against ground level spiritual warfare. Casting out demons. I mean, they won’t admit that, but they will not allow any church in their whole denomination to have a deliverance ministry, well I’ll get to that later let me take you one by one. Let me just explain the strategic level and then the ground level and what the anti-war movements had.And the reason I’m saying this and putting it on the DVD is because I think it needs to be exposed. We can’t just go along and pretend that everything in the body of Christ is okay because it’s not okay in this particular area. We’re not- there are people who don’t- I can’t but help in thinking the enemy is encouraging them.”

SEGMENT 7: Quote from Wagner’s theology on “Advanced warfare” (emphasis ours):

“Incidentally, Saturday night I watched a very important football game. Korea was playing United Arab Emirates. And I understand that the team from United Arab Emirates all went to the Mosque to pray to Allah that they would win the game. And then I saw the picture on the television of the coach of the Korean team who was praying. What was his name? Coach John. And he was not praying to Allah, he was praying to God. And so I was watching that game with Dr. Cho. And Dr. Cho said, “This is spiritual warfare! And God had the victory.” Korea has a very good team. But, it’s different from real warfare because football is a game. The World Cup is very importan but only one team wins, the other teams lose, and nobody dies. But not in warfare. Warfare is a matter of life and death. Warfare is much more important than the World Cup and much more dangerous. And so that is why we call it Spiritual Warfare.

We are in a war. Now the question is, how do we do it? How do we fight the war? Eventually, I’m going to make a list of the different weapons. But first I’m going to lay some groundwork andnd we need to remind ourselves that when we do spiritual warfare, our weapons are not human weapons, they’re spiritual weapons. So let’s read these verses, 2 Corinthians 10:3-4. I believe. Now you can fill in the blank here, I believe that our basic activity is prayer. So fill in prayer in the blank, that’s what they’re doing. If we think of warfare we think of prayer as the cannon through which all the other weapons are fired. All the weapons of spiritual warfare come through prayer.That’s why they’re spiritual, our weapons are spiritual not carnal. Ephesians 6 is the most detailed chapter on spiritual warfare that we have in the whole New Testament. And Ephesians 6 tells us about the armor of God and all that. But, Ephesians 6:18 says that we should be praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit. And then all the rest of the chapter of Ephesians 6 is about prayer, and prayer and prayer. So prayer is our basic activity. Now I think our basic attitude, and fill in these next two blanks. Is Faith, and obedience. Faith and obedience…”


“If you really want to get an idea or a feel for how NAR-type prayer against demons and things like that occurs, you get a heavy dose of that in the new movie War Room by the way.” – Chris Rosebrough, 45:52

SEGMENT 8: Wagner’s interview with National Public Radio:

[Transcript needed]


Sermon: Session B
Location: Toronto, CA on 20 January 2010 at 10:00AM at the ‘Pastors & Leaders 2010 Conference’.
Speakers at Conference include: Bill Johnson and Carol Arnott.

Blurb: Filmed by Catch the Fire – there website reads:

“Catch The Fire is a family of churches and ministries worldwide that was birthed as a result of the incredible revival that began in Toronto in 1994. Today Catch The Fire encompasses a growing network of churches, a college with International Schools of Ministry, a missions program and events running all over the world.” – http://catchthefire.com/

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Dd0G5BV-Q4


“I like llamas.”

“We need to talk about satan because we’re in a war.”

“You need to join the army of God.”

“Jesus came to retake dominion & to turn history back around to Gods original plan.”

“It says, ‘For the son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost’. Now I’m not sure if you have ever thought of this but there’s a difference between pastoral preaching and apostolic preaching. And there’s a difference between a pastoral interpretation of this verse and an apostolic interpretation of this verse.

Because pastoral preacing […] stresses Jesus’ death on the cross as paying the penalty for our sins so that we can go to heaven. And that’s good preaching. […]

However, let me give you an Apostolic view of this same verse because pastoral preaching takes the verse literally. […]

The pastoral preaching reads Luke 19:10, ‘For the son of man has come to seek and to save those who were lost’. You know what verse says. It says he ‘has come to seek and to save that which was lost’. What was lost? Dominion! That’s what was lost! That’s why Jesus came: turning history around. “I’m not saying people don’t need to be saved. Don’t misquote me on that. Get that on God TV. Don’t say that I don’t believe in preaching the gospel of salvation. I am saved by the blood Jesus. You know? But I am giving you the bigger picture of why Jesus came.”

Wagner quotes Joseph Mattero in his book ‘Ruling in the Gates’:

““The main purpose of Jesus dying on the cross was not that so you can go to heaven. The main purpose of his death was so that His Kingdom can be established in you. As a result, you can excercise Kingdom authority on earth and reconcile the world back to Him.”

That’s a huge statement!”

Ruling in the gates – preparing the church to transform cities

Wagner quotes Kong Hee:

“Unfortunately, many of us hold on to this mentality that since sin has already damaged the world, what’s important now is to reserve as many people as we can from the wreckage. One preacher called this the ‘lifeboat theology’, looking at the world as if it is the ship Titanic.

The correct Christian worldview is never the ‘lifeboat theology’ but the ‘ark theology’. Noah’s ark not only saved people, it preserved all of God’s creation. It brought everything back out to restore the earth. Every church must be like Noah’s ark, drawing people in for discipleship then sending them out to restore the world.” – Kong Hee (may be plagiarised)

“I agree with that!”

“Point 4. Jesus delegated establishing his Kingdom to us.”

Wagner quotes Bill Johnson:

“To act on behalf of Jesus means to do miracles.”

“Jesus in his first meeting, sets out his agenda.” (Luke 4:18)

“I believe that preaching the gospel to the poor is the first item in Jesus’ agenda.

Now. Question: What is the gospel? The meaning of the word gospel is ‘good news’. Think this through with me now. To preach good news to the poor.

Now if you were poor, what’s the best news you could possibly receive? – You got it! You’re not going to be poor any more. You’re going to prosper. Right? That’s what Jesus was saying: “Bring good news to the poor.”

“How can we give sociological tests to found out if what we’re preaching, what we’re doing is witnesses to Jesus – is actually working in our society? There are ways and means to do that. But those of us in that have a common consensus now that we didn’t have – well, less than ten years ago. That the major- THE major, measurable sign that a people group or a nation or whatever is transformed – past tense, not being transformed but past tense – transformed – is, the eradication of systemic poverty. Get that word ‘systemic’. I didn’t say ‘systematic’. Systemic. Which means poverty comes from what? It comes from the social system. Is that God’s plan?

Did the social system create poverty? No. Jesus put the first thing on his agenda: to get rid of it. To preach good news to the poor – if there’s no poverty. And transformation- one of the signs of transformation, the eradication of systemic poverty.”

“Every single word of that [Luke 4 agenda] upsets the devil. He doesn’t like anything in that. Since the Garden of Eden, he had taken dominion. But Jesus brought a new kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God. You don’t read about the Kingdom of God in the Old Testament. You only read about the Kingdom of God after Jesus came. When Jesus came and after he- he came. [No cross mentioned] So since that day, Jesus has been using HIS WITNESSES. Jesus isn’t here. He has been using his witnesses to build his church, to advance his kingdom and to reconcile more and more of creation to Himself.”

“Satan has been gaining ground – … Scuse me!” [Freudian slip!] … Satan has been losing ground for 2000 years. But I beleive the process is about to speed up really rapidly.”

“So I will say something prophetic and you can write that down… But I can still prophesy once and a while!”

But the year 2001 began the second apostolic age. I just want to give you a view of some of the things that are happening – which is why it’s speeding up. And um- the government of the church is now in place. I mean it’s a critical mass of the government of the church in place. And now the body of Christ is aligning with the apostles and prophets. Until it aligned with the apostles and prophets we had to go slow in taking back dominion.

Now that the government’s in place- why do we need a government in the church? Because Satan has had a government! That’s how he’s made all this progress- all the progress he did. And it takes a government to overthrow a government. You cannot overthrow a government without a government. Now the body of Christ is getting- um the government. So we’re equipped and this war has two major fronts.” (Emphasis added.)

“And then another concept that god is giving us [Peter Wagner] for taking back dominion is the church in the workplace.”

“If the church is in the workplace – another thing I’ll stress tomorrow – if there is a church in the workplace, the church us out there, there’s going to be apostles in the work place. This is one of the missing links we have with everybody. Until we activate those apostles – not put them there – god’s already given them the gift of apostle in the workplace – but we must recognise, activate and empower those people if we’re going to transform society.” (Emphasis added.)

“God is showing us the crucial role of wealth. The church has been under a spirit of poverty… This is not the will of God. This is the will of the enemy. And the church needs to shift from that to get out from under the spirit of poverty. To get into the spirit of prosperity. I believe that Christians should be rich.

And I’m not- you can say ‘Are you preaching the prosperity gospel?’ Sure! I’ve never even met Kenneth Hagin or Kenneth Copeland. I don’t care. But- but- but the will of God is that we should be rich and that we should have abundance. Abundance to selfishly spend it on us? No. Abundance to further the kingdom of God. And it’s going to take wealth.”

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