Rosebrough: “Pray that next week, Kong Hee is sent to prison and […] repents”

Many years ago, Kong Hee shut down a YouTube account that published a Kong Hee sermon titled ‘9 Reasons Jesus Wasn’t Poor’. Last week, to remind his listeners of the upcoming verdict on October 21st, Chris Rosebrough managed to review this sermon on his program.

Kong Hee – from his own lips

Chris Rosebrough opened the segment with this introduction:

“The church has not done it’s job of casting out and repudiating and rebuking false teachers like Kong Hee. And as a result of that, the job of disciplining  abhorrent teachers who are teaching for shameful gain the things that they ought not to teach, those who are absolutely exploiting the people of God and doing all kinds of monkey business with the church funds, like Kong Hee has done, who is left now to discipline these people?

The answer: the state. The state is who’s left to do it. And the church should have been doing this all along. And there should have been a united front against men like Kong Hee as well as others like him around the world. […] But because they haven’t and they’ve been able to exploit people, now the State’s stepping and he’s probably going to go to jail.

And I’ll be blunt: I hope he does for his sake. Because once he does go to jail, he wont have any pretenses to pretend anymore. And maybe – just maybe – this rebuke, this discipline will bring him to repentance. And he can repent and be forgiven for all the nonsense that he’s engaged in.”

Rosebrough reviews Kong Hee at 57 minutes in.

9 Reasons Jesus Wasn’t Poor?

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Program segments:

00:09:10 Opal Covey Rebukes Fred and Speaks in Tongues
00:22:55 Lana Hawser – Papa’s In The Process
00:40:25 Eric Dykstra Teaches Magic
00:54:33 Kong Hee’s Manipulation
01:13:40 Sermon Review: 9 Reasons Jesus Wasn’t Poor by Kong Hee

Source: Chris Rosebrough, 9 Reasons Jesus Wasn’t Poor?, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 15/10/2015. (Accessed 16/10/2015.)

Rosebrough concluded his sermon review with this:

“What Kong did there was satanic and duplicitous. And all of that was to justify the lifestyle he and his wife had been living. And again I come back to the point that I made earlier, and I mean this: my prayer for Kong Hee, for his soul, is that he goes to prison and that he loses everything for his own sake. Because only then, (and only then it seems like), is it possible for him to wake up and be repentant for all his false teaching and all the things he did in the name of his prosperity and prophecy and all this kind of stuff. […]

Pray that next week, Kong Hee is sent to prison and that in prison he repents and is forgiven for all his false teaching and false nonsense that he was teaching. ‘Oh! You don’t have to compromise and be be rich!’ Oh he compromised big time!”

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