Chris Rosebrough covers Kong Hee’s verdict… and Phil Pringle’s involvement.

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” – Luke 8:17

This scripture is very applicable to the charges against Kong Hee and cohorts.

03CWCPortrait_Phil Pringle

Targeted: Phil Pringle and his immoral involvement with the Kong Hee scandal. To this date, he has not told his congregation why Kong Hee was in trial and to this day, parades Kong Hee’s innocence.

Before the “Sermon review”, Chris Rosebrough decided to play audio segments of Phil Pringle. He has this to say about Phil Pringle before reviewing him, in light of the verdict.

“Now what we’re going to be listening to are two bits of audio from videos put out by, well Phil Pringle, who I think has a LOT to do- a LOT to do behind the scenes regarding Kong Hee and Sun Ho’s Crossover project- and was one of the men who was directly coaching and, um – leading, (you know, casting vision for Kong Hee).

And that is Phil Pringle of C3. And so these two have a tight friendship. And like I said, a few years back at the Presence Conference, one of the things that Kong Hee said was that it was Phil Pringle who got him into this mess. And I don’t think that was a slip. I think that was absolutely the truth.” 24:25

Last year we published a two part series from a C3 Church insider on Phil Pringle’s involvement with Kong Hee, Luke 8:17 being the scripture reference for the heading.

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest…” (Part 1)
“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest…” (Part 2)

You might want to read those articles before listening to Chris Rosebrough’s review. His [Good] “Sermon Review” is by Dr. Paul Choo, who has proven to be a faithful shepherd in Singapore, exposing the prosperity wolf pack consisting of David Yonngi Cho, Kong Hee, Joseph Prince and so on.

This is another very important episode to tune into:

The Verdict On Kong Hee

Click Here to Download this episode

Program segments:

00:00:00 The Verdict on Kong Hee
00:44:47 Sermon Review: Prosperity Gospel by Dr. Paul Choo

Source: Chris Rosebrough, The Verdict On Kong Hee, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 23/10/2015. (Accessed 24/10/2015.)

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  2. Just listen to the whole episode on the prosperity gospel. Really good teaching on the error of this false gospel, with proper explanation of scriptures In Context. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. The sermon review by Dr Paul Choo is brilliant. When he teaches about how the prosperity teachers misinterpret the scripture in Malachi 3:8-10, my understanding is that this was talking to a rebellious nation of Israel who had turned away from God. In the Old Testament tithes and offerings we the way they covered for their sins. So God was pleading for them to turn back to Him. However we are now living under grace, we no longer have to give tithes and offerings to cover our sins, Jesus has done that, once and for all. Hebrews 4 talks about entering God’s rest. We now give from our heart to support God’s work, that’s all, and is all under grace. Is this what Dr Paul Choo is meaning in his sermon review? Thanks

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    • Thanks for the heads up CW – he tried to post a brief comment on my blog a few days ago, but I’m not letting his beligerant, antisocial behaviour in there either, small and all as it is.

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  5. Sorry Churchwatcher, I hope you don’t think I was being divisive in my comments. I’m agreeing with Churchwatchers views on this I was just asking for confirmation that my understanding of Dr Paul Choo’s sermon review is correct. I really appreciate the teaching on the error of the false prosperity gospel.

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