All the clues are out for:

Now is your chance to guess and win some good prizes. Email your guess to

These are all the clues for the Culprit in the Pulpit:

CLUE 1: They are a false prophet.
CLUE 2: They say they have written a number of books.
CLUE 3: This person shares their personal visions and dreams in writing and in the pulpit.
CLUE 4: They plagiarise other people from the Elijah List and around the internet.

CLUE 5: Elimination round: See below to see who is NOT the culprit.

CulpritInThePulpitCLUE 6: They have toured many countries and spoken at many churches.
CLUE 7: They often preach the Prosperity Gospel (See Flag Factionary).
CLUE 8: Whisper: They see dead people!
CLUE 9: They are over 35 years old.
CLUE 10: They have been racist in the pulpit.
CLUE 11: This person is still married.
CLUE 12: They claim to carry different anointings.
CLUE 13: They preach the Word of Faith gospel (See Flag Factionary)
CLUE 14: They’ve been reviewed on Fighting for the Faith.

CLUE 15: Elimination round: See below to see who is NOT the culprit.

CLUE 16: They promote their ‘heavenly tourism’ experiences.
CLUE 17: This person promotes women to be in pastoral positions.
CLUE 18: Since starting GUESS WHO? ELIJAH LIST CHALLENGE, this person is STILL plagiarising people’s work.
CLUE 19: They have reinvented their past on numerous occasions.

CLUE 20: After researching everyone on the Elijah List Challenge, all the Elijah List contestants should KNOW who the Culprit in the Pulpit is.

(We have also reached out to these people and we KNOW people on the Elijah List are trying to ignore us! “Many people in the body have a very small God.” “I ignore it and won’t look at it. I don’t let that garbage in my soul.”)

CLUE 21: We have had discourse with the Culprit in the Pulpit. They seem to have been removing posts from their Facebook account.
CLUE 22: We will be announcing who the Culprit in the Pulpit is while they are speaking at a Conference.
CLUE 23: We will be alerting the Culprit in the Pulpit that they ARE the culprit in the pulpit so they can repent and turn themselves in. If they do NOT reply to our message, we will take that as a sign they are going ahead with their Conference speaking engagement.
CLUE 24: Before announcing the Culprit in the Pulpit, we will be giving the name of the Culprit in the Pulpit to prominent people on the Elijah List to call them out, to see if these prominant people really consider themselves to be a genuine “Prophet of God”.
CLUE 25: A website has recently started up exposing their sins.

Eliminated: Faith Marie Baczko, John Belt, Bill & Marsha Burns, Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, Dennis Cramer, Daryl Crawford-Marshall, Jennifer Eivaz, Sean Feucht, Kim Hadaway, Richard Hanson, Chris Hoff, Jeff Jansen, James Maloney, JoAnn McFatter, Stephen Porter, Ivan Roman, Charlie & Brynn Shamp, Cathy Shephard-Wilhem, Adam Thompson, Crystal Wade, Connie Williams.Wendy Alec, Faith Marie Baczko, John Belt, Avner Bosket, Valerie Britton, Bill & Marsha Burns, Jeremy Caris, Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, Wendy Christie, Dennis Cramer, Daryl Crawford-Marshall, Jeffrey Daley, Jennifer Eivaz, Anne Elmer, Sean Feucht, Eileen Fisher, Troy Goode, Kim Hadaway, Richard Hanson, Bob Hartley, Chris Hoff, Luke Holter, Jeff Jansen, Bob & Bonnie Jones, James Maloney, Warwick Marsh, JoAnn McFatter, Joy Parrott, Theresa Phillips, Stephen Porter, Paulette Reed, Ivan Roman, Steve Scroggs, Charlie & Brynn Shamp, Cathy Shephard-Wilhem, Kent Simpson, Elaine Tavolacci, Adam Thompson, Persis Tiner, Crystal Wade, Arleen Westerhof, Connie Williams.


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