Rosebrough reviews Christine Caine at Passion 2015 Conference

Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith reviewed a sermon from Christine Caine at Passion 2015 Conference.

This message was:


The only thing we can suggest you are about to hear is something you would expect a clairvoyant to say. Christine Caine treats the bible in this sermon in a similar way how a clairvoyant will speak vague things into a persons life as though they are predicting a persons fate/destiny.


Caine tried to preach a resonating, ear tickling message to half the people in the room (don’t burn your ploughs) and than preached against it  to say ‘burn your ploughs’. It gave the impression that she was able speak in to everybody’s lives when in fact all she was doing was giving the impression she looked prophetic.


The overall philosophy behind this message was fascistic and should unsettle Christians. Especially when she stated

‘God says, “I’m talking to leaders about you”…’

This was a recruiting message and a message to control the youth to not question their Godly appointed leaders.  “I’m looking for people to throw mantles on but I can’t find anyone ploughing.”


To gain more credibility and make her message sound more genuine, she continually leeched on the credible words of “Dr Piper” to make herself look credible (Piper was present at this conference session).


Christine explained that when she was in Hillsong (then called Christian Life Center) that she “was just young and dumb” doing what the pastor wanted. She stated, “so my first(?) call to ministry was a lie […] it was all on the premise of lying” (in which how she got her mantle). She then went into detail in exposing how Hillsong leaders like herself would give people false impressions about themselves.

Although she left out his name, Christine Caine also disclosed Pat Mesiti’s fall out with Hillsong.

In summary, this sermon was flat out legalism mixed with pollwaffle and narcigesis, whipping young people to be recruited for her A21 event or be recruited for the Passion movement.


Chris Rosebrough reviewed this sermon and was gobsmacked by her narcigesis, bible-twisting and fascistic overtones on the message. If you have kids attending Passion Conference or Hillsong, this is an important review to listen to.

Prophetic Tattoo Interpretation

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Source: By Chris Rosebrough, Prophetic Tattoo Interpretation, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 26/02/2015. (Accessed 30/02/2015.)

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