Chris Rosebrough reviews Christian McCudden’s sermon, “Miraculous Encounter”.

Chris Rosebrough from “Fighting for the Faith” recently reviewed a C3 Pastor named Christian McCudden. One can’t help but wonder what the members of C3 are learning about God as McCudden snaps his fingers to apparently indicate the presence of the Holy Spirit – or even worse, “summoning” the Holy Spirit as if He were a dog at his beck and call? This particular sermon was “preached” at the opening of new premises at C3 Church  O’Halloran Hill, Adelaide – with C3 movement leader Phil Pringle in attendance.

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Program Segments:
00:08:07 – Vote for Opal Covey or God Will Destroy Toledo
00:17:51 – Charles Schwab, The Finance Angel, Visits Bethel
00:25:16 – Bill Johnson Waxes Weird RE: Heavenly Outpourings
00:41:48 – Perry Stone Finds America in the Book of Genesis
01:09:55 – Sermon Review: Miraculous Encounter by Christian McCudden of C3

Source: By Chris Rosebrough, Vote for Opal Covey or God will Destroy Toledo, Fighting for the Faith,, Published 26/10/2015. (Accessed 02/11/2015.)

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